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April Fools!!!

Happy April Fools 2022 We may not sell edible Kitchen Worktops but we do offer a great range of kitchen worktops online at better than trade prices. Why not have a look while you are here.

Our new sign is up

As keen followers of Discount WorktopStore and our latest news will know, we are now the proud sponsor of the 8th hole at Elderslie Golf Club in Scotland. The 8th Hole, known as ‘Newton Oak’ is a 193 yard par … Continue reading

Proud sponsors of the 8th at Elderslie Golf Club

We are delighted to announce that we have become the proud sponsor of the 8th Hole at Elderslie Golf Club. Known for its stunning scenery, Elderslie Golf Course is a challenging round of fairways, rough and trees with the stunning … Continue reading

A new kitchen using recycled worktops

Okay so the heading to this post may be a bit misleading. We are not talking about using existing worktops that were in someone else’s kitchen. Because pretty much every kitchen is its own unique layout, it is actually quite … Continue reading

Picking a kitchen worktop that is easy to clean.

With everything going on in the world amid the Global Pandemic that is Covid-19, the need to wash our hands, clean surfaces and a list of other things longer than your arm may have you wondering about how you can … Continue reading

Coronavirus Update – April

We are still open for quote and any queries you may have for discount worktops. Any quotes we process at this time for you will be honoured for when you are able to complete your project. Due to ongoing situation … Continue reading

Blown away by our kitchen worktops

It is always nice to hear from a happy customer and today is no different. We were contacted by a customer who had used Discount Worktop Store for their new kitchen worktops.  With a huge range of colours, materials and … Continue reading

How to lay out your kitchen

So you have decided to get a new kitchen – congratulations. The old kitchen has served you well (or maybe you look forward to sending it to the skip) but now it is time for a fresh, clean look and … Continue reading

Coronavirus Isolation with Kids – 50 things to do

With Coronavirus having now caused the schools across Scotland, England and Wales to shut, so many of us across the UK will now be wondering what on earth they are going to do to balance working AND entertaining the kids … Continue reading

Working from home

With Coronavirus Covid-19 having taken over our daily lives in the UK, so many of us are now working from home. And that means that all of a sudden, our kitchen has gone from the place that we cook and … Continue reading