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Keep your granite kitchen worktops sparkling

At Kitchen Worktops Store, we want you to have the best price and the best quality kitchen worktop.  And when your new kitchen has been fitted, we want to help make sure you get the most out of the new … Continue reading

When wooden kitchen worktops can go beyond the kitchen

It seems so obvious when you think about it but across all the rooms of your home, wood is a constant feature. Whether it is for bedroom wardrobes, living room side tables or bathroom dressing tables. At Discount Worktop Store, … Continue reading

Safety tips for a safe family kitchen

When it comes to updating your kitchen; you will be wanting a nice warm, clean and SAFE kitchen environment that yourself and your family can use throughout the year. From preparing the food with plenty of work space to dining … Continue reading

Kitchen trends that don’t go away

It can be a daunting experience having to decide on the design of your new kitchen. There are so many kitchen worktop materials and colours to choose from, cabinet door designs, door handles, floors, backsplash panels….the list goes on. Now … Continue reading

How to add some colour to your kitchen

Whether your kitchen currently suffers from poor natural lighting or it simply looks a bit dark and gloomy, adding some colour to your kitchen can be a simple option with big results.   Now you may be thinkging ‘hang on … Continue reading

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

At Discount Worktop Store we are, naturally, all about offering great quality kitchen worktops at fantastic discounted prices whilst offering great customer service. But that doesn’t mean we only care about your kitchen worktops.  We fundamentally want you to have … Continue reading

Kitchen Lighting Tips

While we are all about great quality kitchen worktops and discounted online prices, we still wan your kitchen to look absolutely amazing.  So whether you are getting a whole new kitchen, cabinets, worktops and all or you are simply getting … Continue reading

Top tips for small kitchens

While we all dream of our ideal kitchen, there are always limiting factors and one of the main ones can be space.  If you live in an apartment, flat or small house then you will most likely have a small … Continue reading

10 Tips to avoid when getting your kitchen redone

At Discount Worktop Store, we don’t want to offer you JUST great prices on kitchen worktops.  We want you to get the best kitchen you can.  So to help you, here are some top tips on things to AVOID DOING … Continue reading

Cheap Kitchen Tips

When it comes to reviving your kitchen space, a completely new kitchen can be an expensive proposition. So what do you do if you are on a tight budget?  Go for the cheapest kitchen? Cut corners on the quality of the … Continue reading