All of your questions about buying a kitchen worktop with DWS online.


  • How can I pay for my discount kitchen workops?

We accept credit and debit cards, BACS transfer and cheques. Credit cards incur a 2% surcharge. Please be advised that orders will not be templated/fitted/delivered until BACS transfers and cheques are cleared.

  • Do you install kitchen worktops in my area?

We install and supply all of our kitchen worktops throughout the whole of mainland UK.

  • Can I have a kitchen worktop quote over the phone?

Yes, we can provide a quote over the phone on 0845 600 5512. We require a sized plan in order to provide a more accurate quote for a complete kitchen. This can be emailed to our quoting team at quote@dwstore.co.uk.

  •  How long will the process take?

This depends on the factory’s manufacturing lead times and material availability but we would aim to complete the project within 3 weeks.


  • What is a template?

A template is an exact replica of the kitchen worktop you will receive. The templating process requires a site survey to make sure your kitchen worktop fits and helps us to make sure we can deliver to your expectations. Templating will be discussed in more detail with you by one of our customer service advisors when you send us the details of your required kitchen worktop. We will be unable to give a confirmed installation date until templating has been completed.  Download our pdf kitchen planner to help you out >>>

  • Can I specify a date/time for templating and fitting my kitchen that suits me?

The date will be supplied by our template and fit team in accordance with their schedules but we will provide a timeslot, 24 hours before your appointment.

  • What if I need to change an appointment?

This must be done at least 24 hours prior to the appointment in order to avoid incurring a cancellation charge. Please call and we will be happy to reschedule the appointment.

  • Do I have to be present during templating?

Yes. We need you to be there to provide access and to discuss the positioning of joints or other special requirements. Templating is likely to take between 2 – 4 hours depending on the specification of the project. You need to be on site during this time so you can approve our recommendations and the final template. Without your approval we would be unable to commence manufacture of your worktop.

  • Can I make changes to my worktop order once templating has been completed?

Yes you can, but they would need to be made prior to manufacture and preferably at the time of template. You will be asked to sign a plan, confirming that you have requested and authorised these changes.

  • Is there anything I must do before you arrive to do the template?

There are several important matters  to consider before templating can start, because these matters are essential to create the template we wouldn’t be able to complete the template if they aren’t addressed:

  • Base units must be fixed in place and level. This also applies to island units. Should there be an area with no base units to support the tops, alternative support must be provided eg leg supports etc.
  • Existing/temporary worktops must be removed by the customer
  • Under-mounted sink(s) need to be in place. Inset sinks need to be on site (or a template of the sink on site is required)
  • Appliances and taps must be disconnected and removed, but must be available for accurate positioning of cut-out’s.
  • The hob must be on site but disconnected
  • The Aga or Range should be in position
  • All plastering work should be complete.
  • The position of drainer grooves, tap holes and all appliances must be decided prior to the visit.
  • Ease of access to the site to be confirmed, any difficulties with access to be highlighted: narrow stairs, site located on upper floors etc.


  • Is there anything additional I have to do prior to fitting?

Yes, if your kitchen worktops are going to weigh 150kg or more, you will need to supply additional labour to assist in lifting the worktop. If this is necessary we will inform you and also give you the option of hiring additional bodies in our installation team at a charge.

  • If you have fitted any temporary worktops these need to be removed prior to delivery of worktops.
  • The sink(s) should be in place but must not be plumbed in and taps should be on site but not plumbed in.
  • Your hob must also be on site but must be disconnected.
  • Am I able to fit dressers prior to installation?

No, as this might restrict access, please install dressers after your new worktop has been installed

  • Will there be any mess after you have fitted my worktops?

Installing and fitting worktops can be a messy business, however we will be tidy and clean up when installation is complete. A fine layer of dust may settle after installation is complete. Occasionally walls need to be ‘chased out’ meaning some gaps will be left, these should be filled by your kitchen fitter.

After installation and after our fitter completes a post site survey, we ask you to complete and sign a satisfaction note once you are happy with the work we have done.

  • Will you plumb in/reconnect my sink/hob?

No, this will have to be carried out by your plumber/electrician.  If you do not have a plumber or electrician that you have used regularly, we would suggest using an online review directory site such as Trust a Trader (https://www.trustatrader.com/)

  • Should I be present when the tops are installed?

Yes. As before, for templating, we require your presence at the installtion for access and final approval.