Templating & Installation

Buying a kitchen worktop online is easy.

Not only do you get to take advantage of better than trade pricing on our entire range of kitchen worktops; but you get the exact same quality worktops as you would get from the high street store. And we really mean that. Our kitchen worktops, whether Corian, Apollo, Granite, Silestone or Wood all come from the exact same warehouses as the top high street stores do.

So while the quality is the same, what about the fit and finish? Across the UK, we use a team of templaters.  These templaters job is simple.  When you order a kitchen worktop from us (or indeed any worktop supplier in the UK), they are dispatched to your home to measure and template the kitchen space to ensure that your kitchen worktops are made perfectly to fit your home.

What is a worktop template?

A kitchen worktop template has to take place on site to ensure that the worktop or worktops are the exact right size for the space. A worktop template is a mock-up for the kitchen worktop and is required before any kitchen worktop can be installed.

Following the templating process, your new kitchen worktop is cut to match the dimensions of the template before being delivered and installed in your kitchen space.

What do I need to do to prepare my kitchen for a worktop template?

For a kitchen worktop template to be completed, a kitchen must be completed to the point where worktops are being introduced.  To explain that better….any kitchen units that require a worktop to sit on them must already be fitted and level.  And while it is not essential, it is always helpful to have the sink fitted.  Hobs and other appliances like taps should not be fitted but ideally they would be on site to allow the templaters accurate positioning of cut outs.  If for example the hobs are not on site, then specifications and dimensions MUST be made available.

Any plasterwork/tiling that would affect the positioning of the worktops must be completed before the template is done and you as the customer should know the location of appliances, position of tap holes and worktop drainer grooves in advance.

This may all sound a bit daunting but it is essential to guarantee that your kitchen worktops fit to the high standards that you would expect.  It is something that all kitchen worktops companies across the UK do.


Depending on the shape and size of your kitchen AND the actual access to the kitchen, some worktops cannot be fitted in one continuous piece.  It does mean that there will be a subtle join between two sections of worktop.  If this has to happen, the templaters will measure out the full kitchen area to calculate where the best possible join would be – ensuring that it is as discreet as possible.

If you have any questions about templating the please call the DWS team on 0845 600 5512.  You can also download this helpful pdf guide that can highlight additional information about preparing your kitchen for template and installation of your new worktops >>>