Top Quality Kitchen Worktops

There is always an element of risk when you buy things on line. After all, you can’t check a pair of shoes fit properly when you buy them online. You can’t see the pixel quality of a new large screen TV when you buy it online. And when you buy kitchen worktops online, you can’t feel the quality of the worktop in your hand.

So the first thing we need to clarify is that Discount Kitchen Worktops does not mean discounted quality. The kitchen worktops that we sell on our website to customers across the UK are the exact same kitchen worktops that the high street stores sell. And we are not talking about similar worktops. We are talking about the exact same worktops.

If you buy a kitchen worktop from a high street store, they don’t have that worktop sitting in the back of the shop. What happens is that they put together an order form that is sent to a factory. That factory then makes up the worktop and ships it to the requested address.

At Discount Worktop Store; that is the exact same thing that we do. When we process an order from one of our online customer, the order form goes to the factor (the very same factory we might add), the kitchen worktops get made to the requested size and then they get shipped to the address they need to go to.

There is no magic or witchcraft behind it.

So how can we sell the same quality for less?

The reason that we can offer our kitchen worktops for less is because our actual running costs are so low. We don’t have multiple show rooms across the UK where we pay monthly store rent. We don’t have the large electric and heating bills that these stores have and we don’t have the (what seems like 100’s) of sales team that pounce on you as soon as you enter the store. And that means our wage bill is low.
All of these savings combined with a strong working relationship with the manufacturers of kitchen worktops means that we can truly offer our kitchen worktops – the very same ones that you would be paying more for in the high street store -for less.

So if you are wanting to save money but not sacrifice on quality with your kitchen worktops then call Discount Worktop Store. We have a friendly sales team who can give you all the advise you need. We can send you samples of any worktops you would like to see and feel in your hand. And if you are still not 100% convinced, then we suggest you read some of the testimonials and reviews we have gathered from so many customers who have experienced first hand the savings they can make by using discount worktop store for their new kitchen.