Apollo Ceramicá Worktop Colours

Specifically engineered for extreme durability, Apollo Ceramicá represents the forefront of performance for man-made stone technology. Apollo Ceramicá is extremely resistant to scratches, impact, chemical exposure, UV, moisture and heat. With choices of a range of natural colours, each variant Apollo Ceramicá can also be chosen in a lustrous Gloss, smooth Satin, or coarse Honed finish.

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Apollo Ceramicá Colour Band 1

Apollo Ceramica kitchen worktop

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Apollo Ceramicá Colour Band 2

Ceramica kitchen worktop

Bianco SatinOnline quote

Apollo Ceramica kitchen worktop

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Apollo Ceramica kitchen worktop

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Apollo Ceramicá™ is an engineered stone, made of 100% natural materials with no resins or fillers, formed through intense pressure and heat to create a stone surface which is incredibly durable.

Features of Apollo Ceramicá™

• Apollo Ceramicá™ is a sintered stone.
• Full bodied, as workable as natural stone, allows edge details and labours in the material.
• Surface finish mechanically applied exactly as a granite or marble, and available in Gloss, Matt, or Honed finish.
• Made from natural minerals, natural pigments for the colours, nothing harmful in the product.
• UV Fixed, no colour fade in natural light, insensitive to UV rays, consistency of colours.
• Stain resistant with anti-bacterial bio-care to surfaces.
• Heat resistant for hot pans, no issues with thermal shock.
• Naturally scratch resistant.


For a chunkier looking Apollo Ceramicá™ Worktop, the very latest in manufacturing technology enables us to offer a 20mm worktop with a downturn of 40-100mm. Apollo Ceramicá™ with the deeper downturn are only available in straight runs, with a single bevel edge detail. Please contact our sales office for further details.

Quotes includes double bevel edge detail,

Slab Size

Typical slab size 3000 x 1400mm. Any sizes over this would need a join. 


Apollo Ceramicá™ joints are finished with a small ariss to the top edge. Silicone sealant is applied to prevent water ingression.


Tolerance in Apollo Ceramicá™ is ±2mm

Thermal expansion

Due to thermal expansion Apollo Ceramicá™ can expand up to 1mm per metre. A gap of at least 3mm should be left at each end of the worktop when fitted and filled with decorators caulk. When Apollo Ceramicá™ is joined to other materials (such as glass, steel or wood) an elastic type of adhesive, for example polyurethane, is required for expansion.

Overhangs and supports

Any overhang extending more than 300mm must be supported.

Hob & Sink cutouts

  • A minimum of 120mm is required between two hob cutout.
  • A minimum of 100mm is required between hob and sink cutouts.
  • A minimum of 50mm is required between two sink cutouts.
  • Sink cutouts are placed a minimum 50mm from the worktop front edge.