Silestone Quartz Kitchen Worktops Polished Colour Bands

Silestone® quartz kitchen worktops are composed of 94% natural quartz, and are extraordinarily hard and resilient, amongst other desirable features. Read more about Silestone Quartz here >

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Colour Band 1

Blanco City - Silestone Quartz Kitchen Surfaces

Blanco CityOnline quote 

Beige Daphne - Silestone Quartz worktops

Gris ExpoOnline quote 

Marengo discount kitchen worktops

MarengoOnline quote 

Noka - Silestone Quartz kitchen surfaces

NokaOnline quote 

Rougui coloured Silestone Quartz discount kitchen counter tops

RouguiOnline quote 


Colour Band 2

Nymbus Silestone Quartz kitchen worktops

NymbusOnline quote 

Miami White Silestone Quartz kitchen surface worktops

Miami WhiteOnline quote 

Arden Blue coloured kitchen worktop

Arden BlueOnline quote 

Blanco Norte coloured kitchen worktops

Blanco NorteOnline quote 

Cemento Spa coloured Silestone Quartz

NieblaOnline quote 

Coral Clay coloured Silestone Quartz kitchen worktop surfaces

Coral ClayOnline quote 

Iron Bark coloured Silestone Quartz Kitchen Counter Tops

Iron BarkOnline quote 

Negro Tebas colour kitchen surfaces and worktops

Negro TebasOnline quote 

Royal Reef colour kitchen surfaces and worktops

Royal ReefOnline quote 


Colour Band 3

Bianco Capri kitchen worktop

Bianco CapriOnline quote 

Bianco Maple coloured kitchen worktop - Silestone Quartz

Bianco MapleOnline quote 

Altair coloured kitchen worktop

AltairOnline quote 

Aluminio Nube Silestone Quartz kitchen worktop surface colour

Aluminio NubeOnline quote 

Desert Silver coloured kitchen worktop

Desert SilverOnline quote 

Kona Beige coloured kitchen counter top

KenoshoOnline quote 

Negro Anubis coloured kitchen surfaces and worktops

Negro AnubisOnline quote 

White Storm coloured kitchen worktops

White StormOnline quote 


Colour band 3.5

Stellar Blanco coloured kitchen surface top

Stellar BlancoOnline quote 

Amazon Silestone Quartz coloured kitchen worktop

AmazonOnline quote 

Blanco River coloured kitchen worktop

Blanco RiverOnline quote 

Classic White coloured Silestone Quartz kitchen worktops

Classic WhiteOnline quote 

Stellar Crema coloured kitchen worktop surfaces

Stellar CremaOnline quote 

Stellar Grey coloured kitchen worktops

Stellar GreyOnline quote 

Lusso coloured kitchen worktops

LussoOnline quote 

Lusso coloured kitchen worktops

Stellar NegroOnline quote 

Tigris Sand coloured kitchen worktops

Tigris SandOnline quote 

Yukon coloured kitchen worktops

YukonOnline quote 


Colour band 4

Amazon kitchen worktops

BambooOnline quote 

Blanco Zeus Extreme - Kitchen Worktops - Silestone Quartz

Azul EnjoyOnline quote 

Iconic Black kitchen worktop colour

Iconic BlackOnline quote 

Haiku kitchen counter

HaikuOnline quote 

Kensho coloured kitchen counter tops

KenshoOnline quote 

Snowy Ibiza coloured kitchen worktops

Snowy IbizaOnline quote 

Unsui coloured kitchen worktop - Silestone Quartz

UnsuiOnline quote 

White Arabesque coloured kitchen worktop surface

White ArabesqueOnline quote 


Colour band 5

White Storm coloured kitchen worktop

White StormOnline quote 

Eternal Emperador kitchen worktop surfaces

Eternal EmperadorOnline quote 

Eternal Marquina coloured kitchen worktops

Eternal MarquinaOnline quote 

Eternal Marfil Silestone Quartz kitchen counter tops

Eternal MarfilOnline quote 

Eternal Serena coloured kitchen worktops

Eternal SerenaOnline quote 

Helix - Silestone Quartz - Kitchen worktop surfaces

HelixOnline quote 

Merope coloured kitchen worktops

MeropeOnline quote 

Pearl Jasmine coloured kitchen worktop surfaces

Pearl JasmineOnline quote 

Iconic White coloured Silestone Quartz kitchen counter tops UK

Iconic WhiteOnline quote 

Pulsar coloured kitchen worktops

PulsarOnline quote 

Vortium coloured kitchen worktops

VortiumOnline quote 

Luna coloured kitchen worktops

LunaOnline quote 

Lyra coloured kitchen worktops

LyraOnline quote 

Ariel coloured kitchen worktops

ArielOnline quote 

Blanco Orion coloured kitchen worktops

Blanco OrionOnline quote 

Calypso coloured kitchen worktops

CalypsoOnline quote 

Charcoal Soapstone coloured kitchen worktops

Charcoal SoapstoneOnline quote 

Daria coloured kitchen worktops

DariaOnline quote 


Colour Band 6

Bianco Calacatta discount kitchen worktops

Bianco CalacattaOnline quote 

Carbono discount kitchen worktops

CarbonoOnline quote 

Chrome coloured Silestone Quartz kitchen worktops

ChromeOnline quote 

Classic Calacatta coloured kitchen worktops

Classic CalacattaOnline quote 

Eternal Calacatta Gold coloured kitchen worktops - Silestone Quartz

Eternal Calacatta GoldOnline quote 

Eternal Staturio coloured kitchen worktops - Silestone Quartz

Eternal StaturioOnline quote 

Iron Ore kitchen worktops

Iron OreOnline quote 

White Platinum kitchen worktops colour - Silestone Quartz

White PlatinumOnline quote 


Silestone Quartz Eco Range Styles

Crystal Sand coloured kitchen worktops

Crystal SandOnline quote 

Crystal Ash coloured kitchen worktops - Silestone Quartz

Crystal AshOnline quote 

Forest Snow discount kitchen worktop colour

Forest SnowOnline quote 

Polar Cap kitchen worktop colour

Polar CapOnline quote 

Starlight kitchen worktop surface colour

StarlightOnline quote 

Cream Stone coloured kitchen worktop

Cream StoneOnline quote 

Grey Moss kitchen worktops - Silestone Quartz

Grey MossOnline quote 

Luna kitchen worktop - Silestone Quartz

LunaOnline quote 

Iron Ore kitchen worktop colour

Iron OreOnline quote 

River Bed coloured Silestone Quartz kitchen worktop surface

River BedOnline quote 

Terra kitchen worktop - Silestone Quartz

TerraOnline quote 

White Diamond kitchen worktop - Silestone Quartz

White DiamondOnline quote 

Red Pine kitchen worktop - Silestone Quartz

Red PineOnline quote