Silestone Quartz Kitchen Worktops Eco Range

Eco by Cosentino® is an original quartz worktop manufactured from 75% of recycled materials such as glass, mirror earthward, porcelain and verified ash. As much as 94% of the water used in manufacturing Eco worktops is re-used.

Eco worktops are uniform in colour and pattern, are stain and heat resistant and do not need polishing or sealing.

Eco worktops are an excellent worktop for kitchen, bathrooms, floors and wall cladding.

Eco by Cosentino® is a worktop that embraces sustainability, design and quality.

For a detailed quote you can upload your Silestone Eco Quartz worktop plan or dimension here and we will reply to your email with a price.

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silestone kitchen worktops and counter topsEco kitchen worktops10 year warranty for our discounted kitchen worktops


Colour Band 4 Eco Polished

Polar Cap colour silestone kitchen worktops

Polar CapOnline quote 


Starlight coloured Silestone Kitchen Surfaces

StarlightOnline quote 


Colour Band 5 Eco Polished

Crystal Sand coloured kitchen worktop

Crystal SandOnline quote 


Creamstone coloured kitchen countertop

CreamstoneOnline quote 


Luna coloured kitchen worktop

LunaOnline quote 



Grey Moss coloured kitchen surfaces - SIlestone

Grey MossOnline quote 


Colour Band 6 Eco Polished

Iron Ore coloured kitchen surface

Iron OreOnline quote 


Riverbed coloured kitchen worktop - SIlestone

RiverbedOnline quote 


Terra coloured kitchen countertop - UK

TerraOnline quote 


White Diamond coloured discount kitchen surfaces

White DiamondOnline quote 



Colour Band 3 Eco Suede

Crystal Ash coloured discount worktop surfaces

Crystal AshOnline quote 


Polar Cap - Silestone Kitchen Worktops

Polar CapOnline quote 


Red Pine coloured Kitchen Worktops

Red PineOnline quote 


Colour band 4 Eco Suede

Crystal Sand coloured kitchen worktops

Crystal SandOnline quote 


Colour Band 5 Eco Suede

Iron Ore shade of kitchen worktop unit

Iron OreOnline quote 


For a detailed Eco Silestone® Quartz quote you can upload your plan or submit your dimension here, email us or call us on 0845 600 5512

Please contact us here or call us to request samples of Eco Silestone® Quartz colours