Silestone Kitchen Worktops

Luxury Kitchen Worktops At Affordable Prices

Silestone® quartz kitchen worktops are composed of 94% natural quartz, and are the first and only quartz kitchen worktops with Bacteriostatic Protection, which makes it extraordinarily hard and resilient, amongst other desirable features. Silestone® quartz worktops are uniform in colour and pattern, are stain and heat resistant and do not need polishing or sealing. Quartz is an excellent surface for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, floors and wall cladding, using the minimum number of joints. Silestone® quartz comes in a variety of different shades oF quartz colours, offering a number of decorative possibilities from a kitchen worktop to a project for a complete set of furniture.

• High stain and acidity resistant
• Scratch and impact resistant
• Natural quartz
• Wide range of textures


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