Corian Kitchen Worktops Colours

Corian® kitchen worktops are the original solid surface material, made from acrylic resin and mineral filler, making the kitchen worktop coloured throughout. Read more about Corian Worktops >

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Corian Colour Band 1

Cameo White kitchen worktop

Cameo WhiteOnline quote

Cameo White kitchen worktop

Ethereal AzureOnline quote

Designer White coloured kitchen counter

Designer WhiteOnline quote

Elegant Grey kitchen worktop

Elegant GreyOnline quote

Elegant Grey kitchen worktop

Light AshOnline quote

Glacier White colour range kitchen worktops

O* Glacier WhiteOnline quote

Pearl Grey colour range of kitchen worktops

Pearl GreyOnline quote

Sand kitchen worktops

Private GreyOnline quote

Sand kitchen worktops

Silver GreyOnline quote

Seagrass kitchen counter tops

SeagrassOnline quote



Corian Colour Band 2

Diamond Blue coloured kitchen worktops

Diamond BlueOnline quote

Imperial Yellow coloured kitchen worktops

Imperial YellowOnline quote

Midnight kitchen coloured worktops

MidnightOnline quote

Sandstone coloured kitchen worktop

SandstoneOnline quote

Venaro White kitchen worktop surfaces

Sparkling WhiteOnline quote

Venaro White kitchen worktop surfaces

Venaro WhiteOnline quote 

Warm Grey coloured kitchen worktop

Warm GreyOnline quote

White jasmine coloured kitchen worktop surfaces

White jasmineOnline quote



Corian Colour Band 3

Abalone coloured kitchen worktop

Deep BedrockOnline quote

Black Quartz kitchen worktop

Deep Black QuartzOnline quote

Matterhorn coloured kitchen worktop surfaces

MatterhornOnline quote

Mont Blanc coloured kitchen worktop

Neutral ConcreteOnline quote 

Black Quartz kitchen worktop

Bronze PatinaOnline quote

Black Quartz kitchen worktop

Deep Night SkyOnline quote

Black Quartz kitchen worktop

Storm BlueOnline quote




Corian Colour Band 4

Antarctica kitchen worktop colour

AntarcticaOnline quote

Arctic Ice white kitchen worktop

Arctic IceOnline quote

Arrowroot coloured kitchen counter

ArrowrootOnline quote

Aztec Gold coloured kitchen worktop

Aztec GoldOnline quote

Beige Fieldstone coloured kitchen worktop

Beige FieldstoneOnline quote

Burled Beach coloured kitchen worktop

Burled BeachOnline quote

Clam Shell kitchen worktop colour

Clam ShellOnline quote

Juniper colour kitchen worktop

Deep Night SkyOnline quote

Fossil coloured kitchen worktop

Dune PrimaOnline quote

Fossil coloured kitchen worktop

 EcruOnline quote

Fossil coloured kitchen worktop

Evening PrimaOnline quote

Fossil coloured kitchen worktop

GreyliteOnline quote

Fossil coloured kitchen worktop

 Grey OnyxOnline quote


HazelnutOnline quote


 JuniperOnline quote

Lava Rock coloured kitchen worktop

 Lava RockOnline quote


Limestone PrimaOnline quote


 Nimbus PrimaOnline quote

Platinum coloured kitchen counter

PlatinumOnline quote


Rain CloudOnline quote

Rosemary kitchen counter

RosemaryOnline quote


SandalwoodOnline quote

Sage Brush kitchen worktop colour

Sage BrushOnline quote

Savannah kitchen counter top colour range

SavannahOnline quote

Silver Birch kitchen worktops

Silver BirchOnline quote

Sonora kitchen worktops

SonoraOnline quote


TumbleweedOnline quote


Witch HazelOnline quote

Whitecap kitchen worktops

WhitecapOnline quote


White OnyxOnline quote


Blue PebbleOnline quote


Burled BeachOnline quote


Dune PrimaOnline quote


Rain CloudOnline quote


SandalwoodOnline quote

Luxury Corian Kitchen Worktops At Affordable Prices

Corian worktops are an incredibly popular worktop choice.  They are cheaper than the likes of granite yet have a solid quality feel.  If you are looking for cheap worktops but still want a quality material then corian worktops offered by Discount Worktop Store are your first choice.  It is little wonder that corian is the most popular worktops material in UK. Corian kitchen worktops are the original solid surface material, made from acrylic resin and mineral filler, making the kitchen worktop coloured throughout.

Corian kitchen worktops are non-porous; therefore incredibly hygienic, naturally resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria. One of the many benefits of DuPont Corian® worktops is that it is created to last a lifetime.

• Excellent impact and stain resistance
• 10 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty backed by DuPont™
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Offers extraordinary design flexibility and our Corian® kitchen worktops come in an extensive choice of Corian worktop colours

Corian® worktops remain a popular choice for home owners and designers alike. Ideal for a range of kitchen styles from hi-tech to traditional, the Corian range extends beyond the standard worktops.  We can also provide discounted splash backs, integral sinks, inconspicuous joins, coved upstands and many other exciting applications.

If you choose a corian worktop for your new kitchen, we at Discount Worktops Store will measure and install beautiful, strong and versatile worktops so that you can get the dream kitchen that you have always wanted.

Discount Worktop Store template & install Corian throughout the mainland UK.


Some darker colours of Corian® may require more frequent cleaning to maintain a uniform finish. Darker colours tend to require more attention than lighter colours. Over time, even with proper care, your countertop will acquire a sheen. Dark colours may show light scratches more readily. But rest assured — restoring your countertops to their original glory is an easy process.

Some colours of Corian are disclaimer colours which in simple terms means that they are not suitable for heavy use areas – they are more prone to scratching and marking. Of course, you are still free to choose any colour you prefer when placing an order even if its not on our website. Please refer to the DuPont Corian UK website regarding these colours.


*Glacier White is more cost effective as its in price band O


v Some Corian colours, Band has horizontal veining, however base colour remains consistent between slabs (from the same batch and requires mitre joint on corners incurring additional cost) 

Underside Cladding: Please let us know if you would like a price for any underside overhangs on your breakfast bars, islands or inside of end panels (waterfalls) to be finished in Corian. Please also inform us if you require solid MDF for the underside finish.