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When is the Best Time to Install New Worktops?

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and its worktops are its beating pulse. So, when it’s time for an upgrade, careful planning is crucial. But beyond aesthetics and budget, one question often arises: when is the best time … Continue reading

Why Granite Worktops are so Popular

In the world of kitchen worktops, granite stands as a timeless and enduring choice that has consistently retained its popularity. In homes that appreciate sturdy and elegant design, granite worktops have long been embraced. But what is it that makes … Continue reading

Simple Yet Effective Kitchen Upgrades

It’s not particularly practical to remodel your entire kitchen every time a new trend rears its head. It’s especially not financially viable given what some High Street kitchen worktop companies try to sell their worktops for. However, there are a … Continue reading

What does a kitchen worktop warranty cover

When you buy a kitchen worktop from Discount Worktop Store, you don’t just get a great price on your new kitchen worktop, you get a great worktop. We are the 100% online Discount website for buying Kitchen Worktops Online. With … Continue reading

Welcome to 2023

We hope you all had a Happy New Year and overall festive period. January has always been a popular time of year for people to begin shopping online for their new kitchen. And at Discount Worktop Store, we are always … Continue reading

Money saving tips for a new kitchen

New kitchens have always been relatively expensive (at least if you compare them to the price of a new pair of jeans for example). But with the current rises in costs almost everywhere, it may seem like a daunting time … Continue reading

April Fools!!!

Happy April Fools 2022 We may not sell edible Kitchen Worktops but we do offer a great range of kitchen worktops online at better than trade prices. Why not have a look while you are here.

Our new sign is up

As keen followers of Discount WorktopStore and our latest news will know, we are now the proud sponsor of the 8th hole at Elderslie Golf Club in Scotland. The 8th Hole, known as ‘Newton Oak’ is a 193 yard par … Continue reading

Proud sponsors of the 8th at Elderslie Golf Club

We are delighted to announce that we have become the proud sponsor of the 8th Hole at Elderslie Golf Club. Known for its stunning scenery, Elderslie Golf Course is a challenging round of fairways, rough and trees with the stunning … Continue reading

A new kitchen using recycled worktops

Okay so the heading to this post may be a bit misleading. We are not talking about using existing worktops that were in someone else’s kitchen. Because pretty much every kitchen is its own unique layout, it is actually quite … Continue reading