Money saving tips for a new kitchen

New kitchens have always been relatively expensive (at least if you compare them to the price of a new pair of jeans for example).

But with the current rises in costs almost everywhere, it may seem like a daunting time to be looking for a new kitchen. That doesn’t mean to say that it is actually any more expensive than it was, you just need to employ certain top tips and common sense to help cut down on the cost of your new kitchen. For example, did you know that we recently LOWERED the prices of our Apollo Slab Tech Range!!! So if you have been looking at one particular type of worktop material, maybe have a look at some other options as well. Sometimes spending an extra five minutes researching things can help save you hundreds of pounds. Which is why we have put together some top tips on ways to cut costs and save money on your new kitchen without having to make sacrifices to get the dream kitchen that you have always wanted.

new kitchen saving money

1 – Retain the existing carcass

When you decide to get a new kitchen fitted, the cabinet frames themselves may be in good working condition. What you actually need (as long as you are retaining the same layout in your kitchen) is new kitchen worktops and cabinet doors. This simple solution can save you a lot of money in material costs and build time. And it is also cutting down on waste material!

It can also lower costs for any electrical work such as rewiring that you may need and the cost of builders doing the kitchen fitting.

2 – Mix and match

We don’t sell cabinet doors but we do sell a great range of kitchen worktops at better than trade price. By mixing and matching suppliers rather than getting everything from the one place, you can make big savings. After all, the kitchen worktops that we sell online are the exact same worktops from the same production factories as those you buy on the high street. We can sell them for less because we are a 100% online business. If you do the same thing with kitchen cabinets and even the electrical components such as an oven and dishwasher (if you need new ones), you can really cut down on the cost of a new kitchen.

3 – Get creative

Whether you get creative upcycling an old rustic cabinet or using an interesting tile pattern that uses a mixture of tiles, you can make interesting features in your new kitchen that are actually one of the cheapest parts of the room. Does the entire kitchen need to be made from 30mm thick worktops or can you alternate on material and thickness in different areas of the kitchen. Do you need brand new bar stools for the breakfast bar or can you upcycle and reupholster some very nice existing stools that you found on eBay or Gumtree?

corian kitchen worktops

4 – Keep the existing appliances

Just because you want a new kitchen does not mean that you need a new dishwasher. We live in a throw away culture but things are improving. Information on repairing and fixing appliances is readily available online and it is relatively easy to refurbish your appliances rather than spending a lot of money on something new. Obvious examples include:

  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave

If your dishwasher is in good working order, why would you want to or need to replace it? This can save you hundreds of pounds.

5 – Make safe choices

So this is not so much about saving money right now but saving money in the long run. If you go for a kitchen design that is bold and current then it can, in just a couple of years look quite dated because of the latest interior design trends. This can then mean you are back online searching for new kitchens sooner than you would have wanted and it will have costed you more in the long run. Be safe with your kitchen worktop designs. Stick to the classic neutral tones, natural materials and modern fixtures. They will age well over time and keep your new kitchen lasting a lot longer that way.

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