Hardwood Kitchen Worktops

Apollo® Hardwood kitchen worktops are enjoying somewhat of a renaissance and are more popular than ever with today’s home owner. Perfect for both the traditional and modern kitchen, hardwood kitchen worktops would add a touch of class to your dream design. Fabricated Apollo® Hardwood worktops are finished to a silky smooth 500 grit and are virtually maintenance free. All our fabricated kithchen worktops are treated with revolutionary new oil, which both protects and seals prior to it being shrink wrapped before leaving our factory. This oil is also included in the Care and Maintenance Kit and should be used to protect and seal hardwood kitchen worktop blanks (which are unoiled and finished to 240 grit).

Apollo® Hardwood worktops have stave widths of 40mm (±2mm) as standard.

Apollo Wooden Kitchen Worktops

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