Kitchen Worktop Fit & Finish

While modern homes are supposed to be built to specific 90º angles, nothing is ever as clear cut as we would think it is.

Thin plaster here, a slight angle change there. It all means that what looks like a square room may in fact not be a square room. And of course, the older the home, the less likely that things are as straight forward. So when you are looking to install a new kitchen worktop in your brand new kitchen, fit and finish is of paramount importance.

While a tape measure is incredible helpful for locking in the general size of a kitchen worktop, we always use a team of ‘templaters’ to measure your kitchen using sophisticated laser scanners. It means that when the kitchen worktops are being cut to size, they are being cut to the specific size of your kitchen. This means that, for example, if one wall of your kitchen actually runs at an 87º angle compared to what the naked eye thinks is a 90º angle, the laster scanners will identify this and accurately create a cutting guide that the templates can then use to cut your worktop to an exact shape.

It means that when it comes to installing your kitchen worktop, they fit perfectly.

Now you might be thinking “3º difference wouldn’t make make much of a difference would it?”

Well we can answer that with maths. If you draw out a rectangle where one corner is at slightly less than 90º then all of a sudden, the whole structure and shape of that rectangle becomes compromised. A side has to become shorter and another corner has to become a greater angle. Now if you have drawn that in your mind – try multiplying it to the size of a room. That small degree change can produce a sizeable gap in the fit and finish of a kitchen worktop – something that can be hard to hide. And it can push and shove and squeeze things like the fridge out of place.

Before you know it – that 3 degree change has become a full 360 degree problem.

And that is why we always put so much emphasis on the fit and finish for our kitchen worktops. Because a properly fitted and perfectly finished kitchen worktop is going to look a lot better than a kitchen with all sorts of gaps.

If you would like to know more about how our templating works or if you have any questions about the fit and finish of kitchen worktops then get in touch today.