Granite Worktop Colour Bands

Granite worktops are a very popular and timeless choice to add a touch of class and beauty to any new kitchen. Read more about Granite Worktops >

Our Granite worktops come in 30mm thickness as standard and our Granite worktops colours also come in 20mm thickness.

^Available in 15mm thickness

For a detailed quote you can upload your Granite worktop plan or dimension here and we will reply to your email with a price.

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Colour Band 1

Steel Grey granite kitchen worktops

Steel GreyOnline quote 

Viscon White kitchen worktop colour - granite

Viscon WhiteOnline quote 

Bianco Sardo kitchen worktop coloured granite

Bianco SardoOnline quote 

Spice Black kitchen worktop in granite

Spice Black^Online quote 

Steel Grey granite kitchen worktops

Silver ParadisoOnline quote 


Colour Band 2

Azul Platino coloured granite discount kitchen counter tops

Azul PlatinoOnline quote 

Black Pearl granite kitchen worktops

Black PearlOnline quote 

Royal Brown coloured kitchen worktops - granite

Royal BrownOnline quote 

Verde Ubatuba coloured granite kitchen counter top

Verde UbatubaOnline quote 


Colour Band 3

Tan Brown^ coloured granite kitchen surfaces

Tan Brown^Online quote 

Baltic Brown coloured kitchen worktops

Baltic BrownOnline quote 

Moonlight shade of granite kitchen worktops

MoonlightOnline quote 

New Veneziano coloured kitchen worktop - granite

New VenezianoOnline quote 

River Valley coloured granite kitchen worktops

River ValleyOnline quote 


Colour Band 4

Bon Accord coloured granite kitchen surfaces

Bon AccordOnline quote 

Ivory Fantasy kitchen worktops

Ivory FantasyOnline quote 

Nero Diamante kitchen worktops - granite

Nero DiamanteOnline quote 

New Venetian coloured kitchen worktops

New VenetianOnline quote 

Bon Accord coloured granite kitchen surfaces

Thunder WhiteOnline quote 


Colour Band 5

Giallo Veneziano - kitchen worktops - granite

Giallo VenezianoOnline quote 

Nero Absoluto coloured granite kitchen counter top surfaces

Nero AbsolutoOnline quote 


Colour Band 6

Blue Pearl coloured granite kitchen surfaces

Blue PearlOnline quote 

Cosmic Black coloured granite kitchen worktops

Cosmic BlackOnline quote 

Emerald Pearl coloured granite kitchen surfaces

Emerald PearlOnline quote 

Star Galaxy coloured granite for kitchen surfaces

Star GalaxyOnline quote 


Colour Band 7

Antique Pearl coloured kitchen worktops in granite

Antique PearlOnline quote