What does a kitchen worktop warranty cover

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But what does a kitchen worktop warranty cover?

Well it depends on what brand you go for as the warranty offered by Corian (for example) will not be the same exactly as the warranty offered by Apollo. In general, a warranty obligates the manufacturer to repair or replace any defective product or make right errors occurring due to fitting issues for the length of time that the warranty is active.

What does a kitchen worktop warranty exclude?

Any damage which is directly or indirectly caused by work, repair or any other intervention carried out by third parties that have no affiliation to the kitchen worktop manufacturer.

A worktop warranty also doesn’t cover damage for improper use. So if you use a kitchen worktop in a way that it was not designed to be used for, the warranty will be void.

Any damage caused by natural disasters and any colour/tone variations that can be caused by time and other natural changes.

Damage resulting from exposure to intense and frequent use.

If your new kitchen worktop is made from a natural stone such as granite, chips are expected and do not reflect an issue with the stone itself or the manufacturing process.

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