Money Saving Tips for Redecorating Your Kitchen

4 Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Renovation

Taking on the project of redecorating your kitchen is no small task. Before you start you should understand exactly what you’re taking on. It will be time consuming however there are a few things to be aware of as well as some top tips that you can make to prevent it from pushing back your retirement plans. If you implement these useful top tips (while they may be minor considerations) they could secure you some major savings.

Define Your Budget

The first step to any kitchen renovation project, and the most important one is to define your budget beforehand. Plan out exactly what you’re going to be doing to your kitchen space and exactly how much you are going to spend. Failing to complete this step makes it far to easy for your budget to continually expand throughout the duration of your kitchen renovation project. If you have a plan of exactly what you want to do, you can figure out exactly what you need to buy for your new kitchen and how much you need to spend. This way, you won’t constantly be adding to your expenses.

While it’s normal to slightly exceed your budget, having a clear plan should keep extra costs to a minimum.

Don’t pay over the top prices when buying Kitchen Worktops

When it comes to purchasing new worktops, don’t buy off the high street. You will be paying for the product plus a huge markup, charged by high street stores. Instead, browse our range of affordable worktops. You’ll get the same high quality, minus the extortionate markup in price. The difference between us and the high street stores is that we don’t have a high street show room. We don’t have the monthly running costs or the expenses of sales staff in the showroom we we need to mix into the final quote. Instead, we simple have this website where we display the wide range of materials and finishes, from granite to recycled glass worktops – all at low prices. We’re sure you’ll be able to find something that will suit your needs and the style of your kitchen.

Buy Second Hand

Not everything has to be brand new and depending on the kitchen style that you are going for, vintage is on trend. And so is buying second hand. Not only is it better for the environment, giving a new purpose to a product that would otherwise be discarded, it’s also an excellent way to also save you money. Try browsing charity shops or look through second hand online marketplaces. There is always a bargain to be had. You can find some really great quality products and for a fraction of the price.

Look After Your Tools

If you’ve decided to take on the task of painting by yourself, make sure you take good care of your tools. You may be tired after a long day of manual labour but don’t leave your paintbrushes and rollers unwashed. This only leaves you having to repurchase tools, that could have easily been reused, and it will consequently, but unnecessarily put your expenses through the roof.

There’s no denying that undertaking a kitchen renovation costs money but by being aware of where your money is going, you can make sure all your expenses are necessary for the perfect outcome. Don’t underestimate the power that making small changes can have on your expenses. By implementing good practices and taking time to research your best options, you’ll be able to save money in places you didn’t even you were wasting it.

At Discount Worktop Store, we are passionate about kitchen worktops and we have decades of experience in the field. If you want to know which is better – Corian or Apollo Quartz then we can tell you. If you want to know whether wooden worktops are the best option, we can discuss it with you. We may be an online store but we have real people in our office who are more than happy to talk you through everything and anything kitchen worktops.

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