Best Budget option Kitchen Worktops

Depending on your needs and wants from a kitchen worktop, investing in new ones can get very pricey, very quickly.

However, while having a tight budget puts certain materials out of the running, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for low quality and visually non-attractive worktops. There are some excellent options, that while being on the cheaper side, still put up a good fight against the luxury materials.

Hanex Kitchen Worktops

Hanex solid surfaces are one of the most popular choices, not only for kitchen worktops, but also for many other uses. This is because, not only are they an affordable choice, but they also deliver on many other fronts. Durable, functional and visually pleasing to name a few. Hanex kitchen worktops are created from 100% acrylic material that can be manufactured, to a vast number of different colours and finishes. They boast many of the same features as the more high-end worktop materials but at a considerably lower price. They are an excellent all-rounder that won’t break the bank. Definitely an option to consider, if you are in the market for new kitchen worktops.

Recycled Glass Kitchen Worktops

Recycled glass worktops are manufactured from broken recycled glass, and encased in resin or cement to create a durable, solid kitchen worktop material. They come in a wide range of different colours and finishes, as well as having the option to choose between a cement base or acrylic base, each giving their own unique finish. While the design choices you make, affect the total cost of your recycled glass worktops, this material generally tends to be found on the lower end of the price scale.
As they put to use, materials that would otherwise go to waste, recycled glass worktops are also considered a lot more environmentally friendly than other options. Another advantage of opting for this material.

an example of a hanex kitchen worktop

Recycled glass worktops generally don’t require much maintenance, but this all depends on the material used as the base. Cement worktops do require sealing around twice a year to make the surface non-porous and avoid it absorbing liquid leading to permanent stains.

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