Safety tips for a safe family kitchen

When it comes to updating your kitchen; you will be wanting a nice warm, clean and SAFE kitchen environment that yourself and your family can use throughout the year.

From preparing the food with plenty of work space to dining with the family and any extra friends that might join you. The layout of your kitchen is incredibly important considering how often it is used daily.

Now you may be wondering – what is a kitchen worktop company who sell exclusively online with some of the best deals on quality kitchen worktops doing giving advise on top tips for making a kitchen safe for the family? Well the truth is – we love kitchens – not just worktops. And we recognise that a new kitchen is a big investment for any house, so we want you to get the most out of it as possible. And that is why we go beyond giving advise on just kitchen worktops; we love to talk about everything from advise on colour choices, styles, flooring, cabinets and of course to child safety. So here are some top tips on what to do in your kitchen to make it safer for your loved ones.

1 – Wipe Clean Walls.

Now we are not suggesting that your walls be lined in some form of super slippery wipe down material like you would find in a kids softplay. What we mean is tiles, splash back features and even an oil based paint specially tailored for kitchens. Whether you are making Spaghetti bolongas or blending a smoothy, all it takes is a little splatter from a tough stain to ruin a pristine piece of wallpaper or paint (that is not oil based).

2 – A durable work surface.

A family kitchen is a hard working kitchen. There are more mouths to feed and more meals to prepare. And with all of this comes mess. So having a hard wearing work surface that can easily be wiped down regularly is not just important from a visual point of view but it is important for general hygiene in the kitchen area.

3 – Wipe Down Furniture.

Modern flats and even some houses are now featuring combination kitchen/living room/lounge options so that you can sit and relax while the soup heats up. So if you happen to have a sofa in your kitchen/lounge area, we would suggest it is made from an easy to wipe down material like leather. Because all it takes is one cup of spilt milk on a fabric sofa to cause some serious issues (and smells).

4 – Space for the kids.

By this we mean a space for them to lay out their toys that WON’T be in the path of you carrying hot pasta water. While we absolutely love Kitchen Islands, kids also love them as part of an obstacle course. And kids should never be running around next to a hot stove. So always bare that in mind.

5 – Child Locks.

You might be surprised that it took us this long to get to child locks but there you go. Kids like bright colourful things and bleach bottles, washing up bottles and even glass jars of curry sauce can prove to be a tempting new play toy for kids. If you have children young enough then we strongly suggest you invest in some child locks. Or if this is simply not an option then at least keep all the dangerous cleaning chemicals high up and out of reach.

6 – Soft Close Cupboard and Drawers.

They are a cool feature and they definitely reduce the amount of banging noise emitting from a kitchen but most importantly for this list – they can help to prevent tender fingers from being caught. And that is all we feel we needs to say about soft closing drawers.

7 – A Drop Down TV.

Tv’s can be an unsightly issue that puts people off having them in the kitchen and we are not promoting TV as a good parenting tool but let’s face facts – having a TV in the kitchen can keep kids sitting still and that means when you are needing to keep an eye on them but have to cook tea at the same time, they are not becoming a bull int he china shop.

8 – Induction Hobs.

Gas Hobs are great but if you are safety conscious then induction hobs are the way forward. Not only is there no longer the worry that you left the stove on but the hobs are also cold to touch (they use a magnetic friction in the bowl to create the heat) so there is little chance of your loved one burning themselves.

We hope this has helped you as you plan out your dream kitchen.