When wooden kitchen worktops can go beyond the kitchen

It seems so obvious when you think about it but across all the rooms of your home, wood is a constant feature. Whether it is for bedroom wardrobes, living room side tables or bathroom dressing tables.

At Discount Worktop Store, we are quite proud of the quality wooden worktops that we can offer our customers. Not just because they are such low prices, but because of the actual quality of the wood. It is so good that we have actually had existing customers of DWS come back to us after ordering a kitchen to order more wood for other projects they are having done across the home.

So, at DWS, whilst we like to offer our customers the very best in quality in kitchen worktops, we also like the idea that we can help you make your home something special. So this week, our latest article is all about using wooden kitchen worktops outside of the kitchen.


The Home Office

If you are wanting to make your home office somewhere with a little bit more presence, then a thick wooden desk can be a great way of making a statement. At DWS, we can supply wooden worktops to the size you need and then all you need to do is fit some stylish legs and hey presto a fairly substantial looking home office desk. You can of course go one step further with the idea and have a whole conference room table but for a lot of you, the home office table may do just fine.


Home Dinner Table


Whether the table is in the kitchen room itself or a separate dinning room, a solid oak dining table can be quite a stunning piece of furniture. If it is in the same room as the rest of the kitchen then it is a great way of matching the same wood style with the wood you may be using in the kitchen worktops themselves.


Home Furnishing


Shelves, cabinets, tv stands…the list goes on. If you are looking for quality oak wood for your home furniture project then DWS may just be able to help with that one.