Kitchen trends that don’t go away

It can be a daunting experience having to decide on the design of your new kitchen. There are so many kitchen worktop materials and colours to choose from, cabinet door designs, door handles, floors, backsplash panels….the list goes on.

Now we may just be a kitchen worktop / countertop supplier dealing exclusively online with some of the biggest discounts on kitchen worktops around. But that doesn’t mean that we don;t want to help you get the dream itchen that you always wanted. So we always try to help with useful advice not just about worktops but also about general kitchen trends, designs, colours, lighting and so on.

This week, we wanted to talk about some of the top trending design styles that WON’T go out of fashion.

Why you might ask? Well because if you think back to kitchens from the 70’s. Browns and beige designs which at the time looked bang up to date – now – they are a bit of an eye sore to most.

So starting with number 1 – Neutral Paint Colours.

This isn’t the 70’s so browns and beiges are not the colour of choice and it is not the 90’s with techno coloured this that and the other thing. But through the decades, neutral colours have always shone through. Lighter neutral colours are great at making spaces seem lighter and warmer and if you are struggling for space in your kitchen, can even make it seem bigger.

Number 2

So if you are looking for a ‘Farm Style’ Kitchen then there are two things to consider. One is wooden worktops. The second is Shaker style cabinets. Shaker cabinets have been used in kitchens for over 100 years which in itself is proof that this style does not go out. Whilst they may be popular with farm style kitchen designs, they go great with a lot of different kitchen options.

Number 3 – Drawer Organisers.

Okay so this may not be a design option, more an organisation option BUT they are incredibly handy and will help to declutter the kitchen and make it more organised. And that in itself is a design plus.

Number 4 – Retro this and retro that.

So this is a bold choice and some may think we are crazy but retro appliances (ie a Smeg fridge) look great and can really set off a kitchen. Little retro knick knacks can add charm to a kitchen and can’t really go out of style because of their emotional ties to our culture.

Number 5 – Nature is your friend.

Marble is of course a natural stone and has been around for a very very long time. So has wood and so has granite. Granite kitchen worktops look absolutely amazing and because they are a natural material, will never go out of style. If you crave that modern look then go for it but remember, that modern look is modern today – not tomorrow.

Number 6 – Butcher Block Countertops.

Another classic style that has been around long enough to prove to us all that it is in fact timeless. If you want that farmhouse kitchen then this is a must for you.

Number 7 – Art Nouveau Metro tiles.

You will have seen them in so many kitchen brochures. Beautiful white tiles that have their origin in the Art Nouveau movement from the early 20th Century. They are a beautiful and practical addition to any kitchen and are a timeless piece.

Number 8 – Rustic Features.

So if you are going for that rustic look in your kitchen then the little things like a brass lamp, Le Creuset pots and occasionally wooden trinkets dotted around the kitchen can not only add a great visual design element to the room but they are also timeless. Rustic farmhouse kitchen designs take their inspiration not just from one of two style but many kitchen styles spanning over many different decades. They have all merged together into one category which you can work to your advantage as you seek to get the dream kitchen you have always wanted.