How to add some colour to your kitchen

Whether your kitchen currently suffers from poor natural lighting or it simply looks a bit dark and gloomy, adding some colour to your kitchen can be a simple option with big results.

Now you may be thinkging ‘hang on a minute, you sell kitchen worktops, why are you giving advise on kitchen interior design?’

The simple answer is that we want to help.  Just because we offer some of the best deals and lowest prices on kitchen worktops not just on the internet but over the high street stores as well doesn’t mean that we just stop at kitchen worktops.  If you are looking for kitchen worktops it is because you are planning on getting a new kitchen and we want you to get the best kitchen you can.  So we have put together articles like this one that hopefully help you in your decision making, not just for kitchen worktops but also for the rest of your new dream kitchen (and if we can save you some money here and there – all the better).

So, adding colour in the kitchen.  It may sound simple and in actual fact it is.  But doing it tastefully is the challenge.

1 – Add some brighter painted walls.

A painted wall is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add colour to your kitchen.  It doesn’t have to be all of the walls – it can even just be little spashes of colour on surfaces like the side of a kitchen island, a backsplash etc.  If you paint your kitchen island, aqua/tropical colours can work really well.

2 – Add a colourful rug.

While some shy away from fabrics on the floor of a kitchen ie. carpet.  A rug can be a great option that adds colour and is easy enough to clean.  It can even sit outside of the ususal heavy traffic areas. Just make sure that you have under rug grippers so that you won’t go slipping and sliding while carrying a pot of hot water.

3 – Change your plates and bowls for more dramatic and colourful options and show them off.

If you have shelves in your kitchen, store your plates and bowls there and use bright coloured options.  You can create an amazing rainbow of colour in a very minamilist and stylish way.

4 – Painted Furniture

So if you have a side table or a kitchen dresser, can you add some splashes of colour to them?  There are loads of video tutorials on how to create a great rustic look to painted furniture. Or you can hire a professional painter.

5 – Colourful Light Fixtures.

If you have a pendant light, maybe you can change the light shade to something a bit more dramatic and colourful.  It will set the rest of the kitchen off perfectly.

6 – A colourful apron

If you hang your apron up in full view then why would you have a boring dark apron.  Liven it up with something a bit more colourful.

You see, there are so many easy ways to add a splash of colour to your kitchen to really jazz it up.  We hope this helps.