The benefits of Hanex Kitchen Worktops

Hanex kitchen worktops are a great choice for your new kitchen.

It is a premium worktop made from acrylic solid surface material composed of 66% natural minerals that are blended with 34% acrylic polymer resins.

This material composition gives Hanex kitchen worktops the same luxurious appearance as granite and marble yet is a far more cost effective solution. And that isn’t even the best bit. This unique construction gives the material greater strength, flexibility, elasticity, resilience and durability than its natural stone competitors.

granite worktops

The 66% natural materials that make up the larger percentage of the worktop material is composed of Alumina Trihydrate that is blended with an acrylic polymer resin in a special manufacturing process involving high pressure to create solid slabs that are stronger than both marble or granite.

To this extent, many look at Hanex worktops as a superior option to Granite or Marble because all the natural cracks, pores and fissures found in these natural worktop materials is eliminated. The strength of the material coupled with the hygienic benefits and stain resistance makes it the ideal choice for your new kitchen worktop.

A huge range of colour choices

Because of the manufacturing process, Hanex can be made in a huge range of colours, textures and styles and are not dependant on what is quarried from nature to make the worktop.

You can view the full range of worktop colour options we have in Hanex material using the link below.

Hanex Worktop Colour Range

Near unlimited design options

Hanex can be bent, moulded, shaped and formed into an almost unlimited range of design options. Ideal for those looking for a bespoke kitchen worktop that will meet their unique and creative design needs.

It is far more resistant to scratches and stains than natural stones and is easier to clean. It all adds up to a kitchen worktop material with huge benefits and it is easy to see why it is such a popular choice for many people looking for a new kitchen worktop for their new dream kitchen.

Why should I buy my new kitchen worktop online?

Rather than trawl through all the expensive High Street kitchen worktop showrooms and the cheap and nasty stores in the busy retail parks, you can simply purchase your dream kitchen worktops online at Discount Worktops Store.

Is there a catch?

There is no catch.  You get the exact same branded kitchen worktops at up to half the price? Our kitchen worktops are the exact same worktops from DuPont, Apollo, LG, Hanex, Silestone etc that you buy from the high street store. But because we are a 100% online store, we do not have expensive daily running costs like the the expensive high street showroom does. And that saving (along with others) gets passed straight on to you when you buy your kitchen worktops online with us.

How does worktop templating work if you are online?

Our worktop templating works exactly like your high street store. We use a team of templaters spread out across the UK.  Their job is simple, when you order a kitchen worktop from us (or indeed any worktop supplier in the UK), they are dispatched to your home to measure and template the kitchen space to ensure that the new kitchen worktops are made perfectly to fit the space.

What if I have a problem – can I speak to someone on the phone?

Yes you can. We may be 100% online but you can still speak directly to one of our 5 Star Customer Service team in the UK. They can talk you through the entire process, step by step.  From selecting the right worktop material and brand to the colour of worktop and, how it gets measured and fitted. And of course, in the very rare circumstances that there is a problem, our team can get it fixed fast for you.