Should I get marble or granite worktops for my kitchen?

This is an information guide about things to consider when deciding what type of kitchen worktop you should be getting

It is an important question – marble or granite for your kitchen worktops.  At Discount Worktop Store we may be slightly biased because we don’t sell marble kitchen worktops however there is a good reason for that.  It is rare to find anyone who sells marble kitchen worktops because marble is a soft mineral.  You can scratch it or cut it quite easily and it absorbs stains which as we all know, is not ideal for a kitchen worktop.  You do get marble worktops but generally they will have a honed finish but that itself needs topped up quite frequently.  So a lot of negatives.

Granite on the other hand is an excellent choice for your kitchen worktops.  It is a tough material that is hard to damage and natural granite can come in a wide range of beautiful colours so you match it in with the rest of your new kitchen with ease.


So there you go.  When it comes to the question of granite vs marble for your kitchen worktops, granite wins hands down.

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