What every family kitchen needs

You may be wondering why on earth we have put together an article about what every family kitchen needs.

We sell kitchen worktops online at trade prices.  So what does that have to do with what you need in a kitchen?  Well it doesn’t.  But we are passionate about kitchens and kitchen worktops and we want you to get the best in quality and price from us and we want you to get the best in everything else so that you truly get the dream kitchen you have always wanted.

So today we are talking about 5 things that every family kitchen needs.

kitchen worktop tips

1 – Space

A family kitchen is not just somewhere that you cook food and eat food in.  It is where school homework is done.  It is where muddy boots are cleaned and it is probably where the school clothes get hung out to dry when it is raining outside.

So when it comes to planning your new dream kitchen, always think about space.  Does this layout have the space I need to operate as  family in the day to day chaos of getting ready for school, safely boiling pasta and entertaining my children’ friends on play dates?

2 – Big family – big fridge

While young care free single people and couples can shop at their leisure, a family needs to have a fridge fully stocked.  And that means a big fridge.  So when you are planning your kitchen out, remember – you need a big fridge!!!

3 – A bigger freezer

Yes that is right, we have kept the freezer as a separate item for the family kitchen.  Why you ask?  Well because a family has more frozen things.  Fish Fingers, Chips, frozen vegetables and all the frozen meals that you make in advance to make life easier.  This is why you need to plan out your kitchen in advance not just for the daily use of the kitchen but the storage of things within it as well.

4 – A dinning table

When you are young free and either single or in a straight forward relationship then you will find that so many of your meals are eaten at breakfast bars, on your lap in front of the tv or something similar.  When you are a family of 3, 4 or more then having an actual dinning table is essential.  You need to work this into the space.  We have worked on a number of kitchen worktop projects in the past where they had a large worktop area that was the dinning table.  Think of it like a dinning table that happens to be an extension of the kitchen worktop ‘zone’.

5 – Messy kids make lots of mess and don’t care much about scuffing walls.

We speak from both personal experience AND knowledge from some customers and their suffering.  We of course are talking about kids making lots of mess and you having to be the one that cleans it up.  Simply having the dust pan and brush close to the dinning table to sweep up the mess each and every night can be priceless.  And make sure that things are not too tightly squeezed together.  You would be amazed how quickly scuff marks of chairs rubbing against the wall will drive you up the very same wall.

And there you go.  We don’t want to inundate you with too much information.  You may think that so much of what we have said is common knowledge but for so many, they have never had to think about having a freezer that can hold a large box of fish fingers.  Up until parenthood, that space went towards keeping a bottle of Vodka cold. 😉