Choosing a sink for your kitchen

You know you have reached the top levels of ‘cool’ when you spend your Friday nights at home googling what sinks would be best in your new kitchen.

And while we joke about it, a new kitchen is a serious investment and one that you will get a return from very quickly.  When we talk about return, we don’t mean financial – we mean lifestyle and life improvement.

And that is why we put together these kind of articles.  It is not all about worktops for kitchens.  We want to help customers get the best from their new kitchen – worktops and all.

So kitchen sinks…

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

1 – Will you be regularly washing dishes in the sink?  If so then size is important.  A nice big sink is ideal for washing big dirty pots.

2 – Is the worktop around the sink going to be wood or not?  This may seem like a strange question but if you are a messy washer then a wooden worktop will quickly succumb to wet staining and warping.  So if you want your sink to sit under the worktop – this will make the situation worse.

3 – Defrosting.  If you like to defrost some meat while you are at work then a side sink is a great addition.  You still have the regular sink but the side sink can be used for defrosting things, letting smaller things steep in hot water and so on.

4 – What material.  Do you want a clinical metal sink or a warm ceramic sink.  Or a plastic sink if you are on a budget.

5 – Not all whites are matching.  You might be thinking – white worktop and white sink. Well just remember that not all whites are the same white.  When you can, get samples.

Hopefully this helps you with figuring out your new dream kitchen and as always, if you have any questions about kitchen worktops then contact us.