Picking the right kitchen sink

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Which is why we put together these useful articles that help to give you some useful hints, tips and advise on everything from kitchen worktops to kitchen sinks.

And that neatly brings us onto this weeks topic – kitchen sinks. How to choose a practical and stylish kitchen sink that will compliment your new kitchen space.

The kitchen sink sees more than its fair share of use during the average week. From washing pots and pans to all sorts of food preparation and potentially other uses.
When you think of it like that – you can see why having the right kitchen for your needs is important.

Some easy things to consider when picking out a new kitchen sink are:
Is the sink part of a completely new kitchen fitting that would include new worktops, cabinets and drawers? Or is it a simple replacing one sink for another. If it is the latter, then you are restricted to the existing cut-out size of the current sink size and shape. Ie. if you have a large round sink then the cut out will be a large round hole and your dream of a small square sink will be dashed with the current kitchen worktop.

It is also worth considering what you will use the kitchen sink for. If you are lucky to have a utility room then it will most likely have a sink – perfect for cleaning your kids grubby football boots. But if you don’t then will the kitchen sink be doubling up for food and other item cleaning? Likewise, if you use larger pans like a WOK or large pots for making huge batches of soup then a larger sink will be preferable for your day to day pot cleaning requirements.

And with all these pots that you clean – you will need drainage space. This is when a buit in drainer sink can be incredibly handy to allow your pots, pans and plates to dry after a hand wash.

What will your kitchen sink be made of? That is an equally big question.

The choice of material will boil down to two fundamental things. Cost and style.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Your average stainless steel sink is both lightweight, durable and great value for money. While stainless steel kitchen sinks are generally the cheapest option, the right worktop and tap combo can really complement the overall look of your kitchen. One downside to stainless steel sinks is that they will show up scratches quickly and easily.
There is a variation on stainless steel kitchen sinks called linen stainless steel. This is very similar but has a textured microdot surface design that can help hide scratches more easily.

Resin Sinks

If you are wanting your kitchen sink to better match the look/colour of your kitchen worktops then you may want to look at a resin kitchen sink in more detail. They are very similar to Quartz/Granite sinks but are a little bit lighter and thinner and therefore cheaper.

Quartz/Granite Sinks

Like their relative kitchen worktops, quartz and granite kitchen worktops are strong, robust sinks that are great at fending of scratches and are heat resistant. Because of their hardwearing build and great looks, they are a popular choice for those looking for a styling kitchen sink to compliment the rest of the kitchen design.

Composite quartz / granite

Composite quartz sinks are some of the most solid and robust sinks available with a superior resistance to heat and scratches. Combining their hardwearing build with a stylish design, they offer fantastic value for money and superior resistance for those willing to invest in their kitchens.

Ceramic Sinks

If you are looking for a traditional style kitchen then a ceramic sink will be high up on your list. With a smooth silky feel and traditional style, these style of sinks can be a great centerpiece for new kitchens wanting to capture that traditional look. They are therefore also a great feature in more traditional homes which sometimes can’t pull off a modern kitchen design.

Because ceramic sinks don’t stain easily and because they are so tough – they are a lasting and durable option that will most likely outlive the rest of the kitchen in the years to come.

And there you go. We hope this has helped you better understand the world of kitchen sinks. And remember, just because we offer some of the best discount prices on kitchen worktops doesn’t mean we are not here to help with everything and anything you may want or need to know about new kitchens.