How to tell when it is time to remodel your kitchen

At Discount Worktop Store, we may love our kitchen worktops but we also love to help our customers get everything they want from their new dream kitchen.

That is why we put together these frequent articles that are designed to help our customers get their dream kitchen.

This week, we are going to help you answer the question – how can you tell when it is time to remodel your kitchen?

Well the first thing you need to do is simply look at your kitchen. Take one step back and look at the kitchen in your home with a fresh set of eyes.

  • Are there chips and scrapes on the old kitchen worktops and counter tops that make the room look old and worn out?
  • What is the colour scheme like? If it reminds you of the 1970’s then maybe you already have the answer you were looking for.

Kitchen design and layout has evolved a lot in the last few decades. Once upon a time, the kitchen was purely used for cooking food. Now it is the second home office, the space our kids do their homework in and it is where most meals are consumed. The uses of the kitchen may have changed but the layout has not.

And that is when you can really look at your kitchen and ask the question – is it time to remodel?

Does your kitchen fit in with your modern living lifestyle.

If not then a remodel may be the best course of action. Because the kitchen is generally the most used room of the house. While the living room may have been abandoned because of the iPad and less need for a TV, the kitchen is still the home of cooking, eating and other things.

So what can you do to remodel your kitchen and what improvements can be made.
Well here are a few examples of things that you can consider.

The flow of the room.

  • Is the space where you prepare your food next to where you cook the food?
  • Is the place where you collect dirty dishes next to the dishwasher?
  • Is the dishwasher next to the cupboards where they get put away.

That is what we mean by the flow of a kitchen. If you are having to constantly walk from one area of the room to another simply to add some diced peppers to a meal then this may be good for your daily step count but it is not good for the flow of your kitchen.


If you like having friends round for a cup of coffee or something stronger then an island or breakfast bar may be a perfect addition to a kitchen. Some kitchens obviously don’t have the space for these kind of things but it is worth a thought.

Space and Storage.

There was a time when a cupboard was a cupboard. But thanks to clever designers, there are now loads of modern storage solutions available. There are multiple possibilities for adding and increasing storage in your home. From cupboards corners that swing out to handy hooks to hanging your spoons and more.

Your kitchen worktop.

It may not surprise you but one area of a kitchen that you can refresh is your kitchen worktop. And we know a thing or two about that.

You don’t need to replace an entire kitchen to remodel it. Sometimes a new worktop and a coat of paint are all you need. You can get new modern kitchen worktops made from Corian, Apollo or other materials made to replace like for like your existing worktop.

And there you go. There are of course other things you can do to remodel your kitchen but the simple question is – do you need it?

If you can look at your kitchen and immediately see that it is tired and in need of a refresh then think about some of the tips we have mentioned above. An easy fix is changing the kitchen worktops but then we are a bit biased on the topic.