Do you need a dishwasher in your kitchen?

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Because when you get a new kitchen, it is a big investment.  Not just in cost but in time and effort. Your kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms of the house so you want to get it right.  Which is why we put together some helpful blog articles that you can use as a guide when you are planning out your new kitchen – worktops and all.

Todays topic is more a question – do you need a dishwasher in your new kitchen?  The simple answer is probably yes, but here is 10 key points to consider AGAINST getting a dishwasher in your new kitchen.

How clean does it make your dishes?

This may seem obvious but if you cram your dishwasher to the brim with dirty dishes, it reduces its ability to clean them properly.  They may look clean but harmful bacteria could still be lurking.

Your wine glasses may not survive!

If you are a fan of wine (and who isn’t) then you may well be putting your wine glasses in the dishwasher at the end of the night.  But wine glasses are delicate and can easily break in a dishwasher.  Then you have the joy of trying to fish out all the broken pieces of glass from the bottom of the dishwasher without cutting yourself.

The cost

Dishwashers are not cheap and unlike the old days – they are not built to last.  Modern dishwashers have a very specific timeline before they all of a sudden decide to break.  And when they break, they leak.  Do you really want to be mopping up slushy mushy dish water from the floor and forking out more money for a replacement after  a few years?

Hard water damages your glasses

If you live in the south of England then you will no doubt suffer from hard water.  And you will know that hard water can easily damage your glasses and turn them white.  Not the most visually appealing thing.

You could destroy all your dishes in one go

We have heard nightmare stories where a dishwasher rack has simply fallen off the shelf and broken pretty much then entire dish collection.  A massive pain that can also add up to quite a lot of money if you had nice dishes.

Wooden handles are a no go

If you have nice steak knives – you will still have to wash them by hand because dishwashers do not treat wood very nicely.  The same goes for wooden handles pots and pans.

The hassle of loading and unloading a dishwasher

While you may think that a dishwasher saves you time – if you think about the time it takes to load up a dishwasher and then empty it – is that a big time saving over simply washing the dishes there and then?

The grease can cover everything

So often, people will load their dishwasher without first lightly cleaning a dish.  If that dish is covered in grease then it can easily cover everything in the dishwasher and all of a sudden, you have to wash everything twice!!

Did you know you have to clean your dishwasher?

Thats right – every so often, you have to clean the dishwasher.  That is more time on your part and more money because you have to buy special cleaning product.

The environment

By not using a dishwasher you are saving on electricity costs but also helping the environment.  

And there you go – food for thought.  

We hope we have helped.