Breakfast bar worktops top tips

If you have decided that now is the time to get a new kitchen then let us firstly say – congratulations.

The kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms in a house.  From having your morning bowl of cereal to kids homework and then of course, making, eating and cleaning your dinner every night.

So when it comes to planning out your kitchen, you want to make sure that it is a room that can work with your life.  So when it comes to breakfast bars, we thought we would give you some top tips.

Kitchen worktop breakfast bars are a great place for so many of the day to day kitchen uses.

Do the whole family site at the dinner table for breakfast?  If not then a breakfast bar may just be a great addition for the morning breakfast traffic.

Do you like to sit in the kitchen reading the paper over a cup of coffee?  Then a breakfast bar are may be a great addition.  Especially if you have friends join you for a cup every now and again.

Do you have company while you prepare dinner in the evenings?  Then a breakfast bar is a great place where they can sit and chat to you as you slave over a hot stove.

When it comes to what type of kitchen worktop to go for with your breakfast bar, it really depends on what you will use it for.  So for example if you were going to use the breakfast bar as an area for food preparation ie. sitting on a stool and chopping vegetables then we would advise against wooden worktops.  With the frequent washing of the surface, you will damage the staining and can even cause splintering.  This should not detract your from wood as a kitchen worktops as it is a fantastic worktop material.  But we want to be honest.  All it takes is a spilt beetroot to cause some cleaning chemical damage to a wooden worktop.  And if your kids are going to be doing their homework on a wooden worktop breakfast bar then get ready for many pen marks on the wood as they accidently go off the page while working on their latest homework project.

Space is another thing to thing about.  Is your breakfast bar going to be part of a kitchen island?  If so then is there enough space to walk behind someone while they are sitting at the breakfast bar?  If not then will that pose a problem for foot traffic as people come and go through the kitchen.  Remember that a lot of kitchens are the access point to the back garden.  So do you really want your coffee/newspaper time interupted as the kids come in and out of the garden every five minutes.

And the last thing to think about is lighting.  A breakfast bar can be great for daily use but if the location that you can put a breakfast bar in is a dark corner of the kitchen then you may find that it will not actually get used much because it becomes a negative space.  

We hope our advise and top tips on kitchen worktops and breakfast bars is of use.  And we hope you enjoy looking through the rest of our website for some of the best online discount prices in kitchen worktops in the UK.