Cheap Kitchen Tips

When it comes to reviving your kitchen space, a completely new kitchen can be an expensive proposition. So what do you do if you are on a tight budget?  Go for the cheapest kitchen? Cut corners on the quality of the cabinets or go for smaller worktop space?


At the Kitchen Worktop Store, we want to help you save money, not just on your kitchen worktops but in other areas of your kitchen.  Which is why we have a nice wee list of some top tips to help you save some cash yet get the kitchen you always dreamed of.


1 – New door handles.

If the cabinet doors themselves are still fresh but there is something dated about the actual handles then change them.  Most hardware stores have an entire aisle filled with door handles and knobs that can easily be switched with your existing ones.  Retaining your existing cabinet doors but simply switching the handles can save you a lot of money.  In fact, it is a very popular choice with a lot of our customers.  They retain the cabinets but replace their existing kitchen worktops with new ones from discount worktop store.  They basically get a new kitchen look but save some serious dosh at the same time.


2 – Painting the cabinets.

If switching the door handles is not enough, give them a coat of paint.  Either as a DIY job yourself over a rainy weekend were you are stuck indoors anyway or by bringing in a painter.  Painters are not just about living room walls, they can add great textured effects, rustic wear effect and more that can potentially transform your kitchen cabinets.


3 – Swap those doors.

So if switching the door knobs or painting the cabinet doors is simply not enough then what about replacing the doors.  The question is – was your existing cabinet door set up okay?  Was a new kitchen going to completely rip out your existing cabinets and replace them like for like?  Swapping the cabinet doors and replacing your kitchen worktop can be all you need to do to get a whole new kitchen.


4 – Paint another wall.

It may be that the actual kitchen worktops, cabinets and door handles are absolutely fine but there is something that is missing.  A fresh coat of paint can add a genuine refresh to the whole look of your kitchen.  A lighter, brighter, fresher shade can be all you need.  And lets be honest, a tin of paint is not that expensive.


5 – Switch the lighting.

Natural light is always best but if you don’t have that much of it, then maybe you should look at increasing the lighting options in the kitchen.  Spot lights, a main central pendant light and even under cabinet and kick board lighting options can turn a dark space into a bright and light environment.


6 – Replace your old boring mugs with feature items.

So if your mug/tea cup collection just sits in a cupboard hidden away, replace it with a decorative matching or complimenting set that sit in a cup holder frame.  That way, you are adding splashes of colour and vibrance that can lift a room.  It is a bit like adding funky pillows the liven up your living room.


7 – Back splash replacement.

So behind your worktop heating hobs, you will have (most likely) a painted wall or some tiles.  What would happen if you replaced the tiles with something a bit more funky?  Or adding a splash back/backsplash panel that matched or complimented the worktops of your kitchen.


8 – The worktops.

It was only a matter of time before we got to it wasn’t it.  Replacing your kitchen worktops.

It may seem like a big cost but you would be surprised.  We are not your average high street kitchen worktop store.  Are prices are not inflated with the usual running costs of a high street store.  We work with the exact same worktop manufacturers as those high street stores – the difference is that we offer our worktops at better than trade pricing.  So if you want to make savings on a new kitchen then replacing your kitchen worktops may be the perfect thing.  If the cabinets, the doors and the handles are all good then a new kitchn worktop in a new material, colour or style may be all you need to completely transform your kitchen from a place to cook and eat into one of the centre pieces of your home.


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