10 Tips to avoid when getting your kitchen redone

At Discount Worktop Store, we don’t want to offer you JUST great prices on kitchen worktops.  We want you to get the best kitchen you can.  So to help you, here are some top tips on things to AVOID DOING when you are getting your new kitchen cabinets, units, appliances and of course, kitchen worktops.


Don’t Over Spend

If you have a budget then that is your budget.  Yes it is nice to have wiggle room but don’t go crazy.  Keep an eye on what you are spending and lay it all out.  The last thing you want is to over spend on the appliances and cabinets and then not have enough for the worktops that you wanted (thankfully with Discount Worktop Store, you will find the best deals for kitchen worktops online).

Match the style to the house

While you may want a rustic farm kitchen, it will look somewhat out of place in a new build home.  Likewise, a shiny new kitchen with reflective tiled flooring and bright white led under cabinet lighting will not suite a home that was built 100 years ago.

Keep an eye on the trends

Whilst you want your kitchen to last, it is always nice to have the latest ‘now’ look.  Though saying that, we have all seen 1970’s brown kitchens that were the latest thing then.  Keep an eye on the trends for design AND technology.  The last thing you want is to get the kitchen fitted and then find out about hidden socket options that you COULD have had.

Keep the plumbing where it is

Obviously if you really really really want the kitchen sink in front of the window then you may have to move the plumbing but a great way of saving on costs of a new kitchen is to keep the existing plumbing fittings where they are.  New fittings will require the floor boards to be taken up which in itself will add costs.

Keep the traffic flowing

What we mean by that is that in a kitchen, there is a clear flow of human traffic movements.  From when you grab the chopping board to getting the ingredients out the fridge and cupboards to grabbing the pots to cook with then plating it all when it is ready – and finally where it is stacked, washed, cleaned, dried and put away.  There is a process, a flow that should be observed.  Try to keep the flow of your kitchen to match where things will be kept.

Don’t ignore the free advise options

Whether it is CAD visual options so that you can see your new kitchen in 3D or advise about what materials would work best AND what to avoid (ie. wooden worktops right next to the kitchen sink).  Take the advise where you can.

Don’t get rid of perfectly good cabinets

If your new kitchen is going to keep the location of existing cabinets then (as long as they are still in good condition) keep the actually cabinets. You can replace the doors for the cabinets and save some serious money by doing it.

Know where to save and where to spend

A fitted oven or integrated dishwasher is a lot harder to replace than other items in a kitchen. Whilst nothing lasts forever these days, a quality dishwasher will stand up better than a cheaper budget brand.  And of course with kitchen worktops, the feel of a quality worktop will be appreciated each and every day whereas a lower quality worktop can be noticed easily and is harder to replace.

Don’t mismatch brands

It is not essential but it is a small touch.  A dishwasher, oven, fridge and freezer all from the same brand can really help to set off the kitchen and adds a sign of quality.

Don’t forget the usual suspects

This comes back to budgeting. Make sure you have budgeted for everything.  Does the new cabinets come with door handles or do you have to get them as well.  And does the kitchen sink come with the deal?  And finally, if the general look of the kitchen has a matt finish then make sure that the rest of the room continues that trend.  A gloss finish will look out of place with the rest of the kitchen and can make it all seem a bit ‘patchy’