Corian vs Silestone – Let Battle Commence

Two of the most popular types of kitchen worktop go head to head

Corian and Silestone are two of the most popular kitchen worktop materials out there. But which is best? How do these two kitchen countertop materials fair in a comparison?

What you need to know

Corian and Silestone are very different. Corian is a solid surface kitchen worktop material whereas Silestone is an engineered stone like quartz. But does that make one better than the other?

Quartz worktops are generally rated higher among home buyers however solid surface countertops are generally cheaper in cost. Silestone has roughly 28% more minerals than Corian but while Silestone may have a greater mineral content, it does not overly affect the performance of the worktop or its appearance.

Corian is made of about 33% acrylic resin so is technically more of a plastic worktop than Silestone but not by much. Silestone, because it is 94% natural quartz can sometimes be compared to a granite however it is not. To be a granite worktop, it has to be quarried straight from the ground and cut into slabs. Silestone is not.


While no countertop is 100% invulnerable to staining, both Corian and Silestone Kitchen Countertop materials do a cracking job of resisting.
Corian is a low porous material, absorbing on 0.1% – 0.7% of strain material such as coffee, tomato, wine etc. This means it is easier to wipe stains clean away.
Silestone, while being slightly more porous, can resist acid materials more easily because of its quartz material base.

When it comes to fending off bacteria and fungis, both do an incredible job of preventing both. Corian does not support microbial growth in its base so there is no need for a special coating whilst Silestone has a bacteriostatic formula built into its construction to help fight away mould and fungis.


In terms of warranty, Corian offers a 10 year warranty for all its kitchen countertops whilst Silestone can trump that with an additional 5 years on top with its 15 year warranty.


When it comes to colours, both offer a full rainbow of shades which you can see for yourself online now…
Corian Colour Range >>>
Silestone Colour Range >>>

The results

So, when it comes to picking which is best, it is a pretty even content. A lot comes down to what you want from a kitchen countertop material when picking your new kitchen. If you want to discuss it with one of our expert team of kitchen worktop specialist, simply give us a call today on 0845 600 5512