Wooden Worktops around Kitchen sinks

Our guide and top tips if you are thinking of purchasing a wooden kitchen worktop

It is a question that strikes much debate in some and worry in others. Wooden worktops right next to kitchen sinks. If not properly maintained, wooden worktop surfaces CAN begin to erode with black mould spots appearing. We say can because as long as you maintain the worktop, it can continue to be a strong feature of your new kitchen.

As with so many things in life, a little bit of TLC is all that is needed to ensure your wooden kitchen worktop should never succumb to moisture related dampness and damage issues. DWS is constantly supplying amazing wooden kitchen worktop and counter tops with kitchen sink cut outs to our clients and we always advise our customers to keep maintaining the following steps to ensure that your wooden kitchen worktop lasts as long as the rest of your new kitchen.

1 – Use the right sealant around your kitchen sink to seal it in place and create a water tight seal. We would advise applying an oil around the sink area every 6-8 weeks to ensure the wood is well protected.

2 – Always wipe down any splashes and spills around the sink area as soon as you can. The longer wood is in contact with water, the more chance there is that it can be damaged. Drainage grooves can help with this issue.

3 – Wooden worktops can be protected with a lacquer over the surface to totally seal and protect the wood from any moisture. The downside of this however is that you loose some of the visual appeal of the wooden surface.


A modern trend is the combination of work surfaces so if you are worried about the downsides of a wooden worktop next to the likes of your kitchen sink then a combination of (for example) wood and granite with the granite surrounding the sink and any heavy wear areas of the kitchen could be the ideal solution.