Where to locate your dishwasher in your new kitchen?

A top tip when it comes to laying out your new kitchen

At DWS we may be all about kitchen worktops but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good bit of advise for other areas of your new kitchen.  For example, when it comes to planning your new kitchen, have you thought about where you are going to locate the dishwasher (if you are having a dishwasher that is)?

You may want to locate the new kitchen sink close to or in front of a window but just remember that if you want to avoid spilling food etc on the floor, you will want to have the dishwasher and a bin within arm’s reach of the sink. That way when you are cleaning of excess food from dinner plates you can simply put it in the bin, rinse off any excess and place the dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher. Otherwise you will have to travel across the kitchen potentially dripping dirty water and waste on the floor as you go. It is also handy to locate the dishwasher next to the sink so that you can connect the dishwashers plumbing to the same drainage system.

Another handy tip from DWS – your expert online kitchen worktop store.


Why do we like to give top tips for your kitchen? 

It is a valid question – why should we be giving tips on other areas of the kitchen other than worktops?  The simple answer is that we care.  A happy customer who gets exactly what they want with their new kitchen is something that brings us as DWS a little bit of joy.  From where you should set your dishwasher to how many plug sockets you should have.  Getting the layout of your kitchen right can make your home a happy one for years to come.