Where can I buy high quality kitchen worktops?

DWS is a discount worktop store that is 100% online.  That DOES NOT however mean that we cut corners, offer poor quality kitchen worktops or have poor customer service.  DWS is a family run company with family values.  It isn’t about selling some worktop fixtures, it is about helping you get the new dream kitchen you are after – at a cost that is a lot more affordable for you.

new kitchen online

We are a specialist discount kitchen worktop store and we only deal with low cost high quality kitchen worktops and counters across the UK.  We work directly with the largest suppliers of luxury kitchen worktops across Europe and this allows us to offer the same worktop materials (including Apollo Magna, Granite, Hardwood, Corian and more) as your high street kitchen worktop stores.  The difference is that we don’t have the overheads of showrooms and the extra running costs and staff that they entail.  And that shows in our prices.

Ordering with DWS is a simple process.  You can simply call us directly on 0845 600 5512 and our friendly sales team will be able to provide you with a quotation after asking a few simple questions. Or you can also email us on info@dws-uk.com with what you are looking for and we can get back to you with a quotation. Or you can fill out an online quotation form, providing us with all the information we need to give you an accurate quote for your kitchen worktop.

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When you have been amazed by the savings you can make with DWS and our kitchen worktops compared to what you would be charged on the high street, we can move onto getting your new dream kitchen that one step closer (while having some money you have saved with us burning a hole in your pocket.).

So to answer the original ‘where can I buy high quality kitchen worktops?’ – online with DWS, your leading online discount kitchen worktop store.