The benefits of Staron Kitchen Worktops

Staron worktops are one of the most popular materials for kitchen worktops in the UK.

Produced by Samsung, they are made from a synthetic acrylic marble material that is comprised of two thirds natural resin and one third acrylic resin. This construction gives Staron Kitchen Worktops a smooth flawless surface that has the added benefit of precise and smooth curved ends. And all with a near endless number of design opportunities. This makes Staron worktops the ideal material for more bespoke kitchen designs that require complex and unique worktop shapes and sizes.

staron kitchen worktops

The benefits of Staron Kitchen Worktops

  • Beautiful seamless surfaces with no open joins or crevices.
  • Hygienically clean. The smooth surfaces and no joins means it is easy to clean with no crevices for dirt to build up in.
  • NSF-51 food safe certification (ideal for food preparation).
  • UV Stable so the worktop colour will not fade or bleach in the sun.
  • Good heat resistance properties. Staron is heat resistant up to 130oC
  • Euro Class B fire retardant certification.
  • Non-porous and resistant to staining and mould
  • High impact strength. Staron is extremely durable.
  • Easy to repair should the worst happen
  • Staron can be sealed with either matt, satin or gloss finishes.

Whether you are looking for Staron worktops for a new kitchen, breakfast bar countertop or even commercial use, Staron worktops can be cut to any shape of configuration you require. The near limitless design flexibility and huge range of colour options makes Staron kitchen worktops the perfect material for your new kitchen workspace.

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