Taking care of your Silestone Kitchen Worktops

silestone kitchen countertops

Silestone Kitchen Worktops are the toughest worktop material that was sell at DWS.  They need very low maintenance but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need some TLC from time to time.

Because of its toughness, range of colours and ease to shape, Silestone is a popular choice  of quartz surfaces when it comes to kitchen worktops.  It is also non-porous, heat and stain resistant and as we have already mentioned, pretty tough.

However there are a few things that you should be aware of when caring for Silestone Worktops.

  • Don’t take worktop resistance for granted – While Silestone kitchen worktops are highly resistant to scratching, heat, stains, and chemical use, they aren’t bulletproof so severe impacts, intense heat and acidic foods left on surfaces for long periods of time can eventually wear it down and cause damage.
  • Just because it is tough doesn’t mean you can use it instead of a chopping board – Silestone is a tough worktop and it was designed to survive the day to day abuse in the kitchen but taking a sharp knife and repeatedly chopping on it is going to cause damage.
  • Regular cleaning – Cleaning your Silestone kitchen worktop regularly can keep it shining, and at its very best. And, cleaning Silestone worktops in your kitchen is a simple process and is good for general hygiene.

Silestone Worktops