Questions to ask before you hire a kitchen designer

Questions to ask a kitchen designer
When you decide to get a new kitchen fitted, you can either go your own way, do the research, compare prices, match samples and so on….OR….you can hire a kitchen designer to take the stress out of it all (though when it comes to picking kitchen worktops, DWS is a pretty stress free option).

But hiring a kitchen designer comes with its own pitfalls.  Here are some questions you should think of asking any potential kitchen designs when it comes to realising your dream kitchen.

1 – How can they help you realise your vision for the room?

Too often a kitchen designer will think of the look of the kitchen over how it will be used and while your new kitchen would look lovely, having to walk from one end of the room  where the fridge is kept to the other that has the kettle can get a bit tiring, especially if you want milk in your cup of tea or coffee.  A well thought out kitchen should address how the kitchen fits into your life and how it connects with the rest of the home.

2 – What service do they bring to the process?

It is important to have clarity over what you are actually getting for your money.  Do they source samples of kitchen worktops?  do they do technical drawings/dimensional drawings?  work with builders and other contractors and do they have any hidden costs?

3 – Have they worked on a similar project?

Obviously if you are hiring a kitchen designer then they will have worked on other kitchen projects (unless this is their very first client) but what we mean is the style of kitchen, the layout that you are wanting.  Is it going to be a kitchen/dining are?  Does the room open up into the garden? etc.  If you are looking for a traditional styled kitchen for your victorian home then being able to see examples of that type of kitchen from a kitchen designer can be very important.

4 – How much should I pay and WHEN?

Different designs will charge different rates and will provide a different level of service so it would be unfair of us to comment on prices but you should ask when payments need to be made.  Is there a deposit, payments through stages of the project or is it all one lump sum?  And what are the payment terms?

5 – What is the order of things when it comes to getting a new kitchen?

It should all start with a consultation followed by the designer supplying some concept drawings and suggestions.  They then require feedback and comments from you – after all it is your kitchen and you will be the one using it.  This process gets refined and then it comes down to the level of service that they offer.  Will they help with lighting, material, the layout of drawers and number of plug sockets?  What will begin with simple diagrams should finish off with detailed drawings covering dimensions and specific points of the kitchen.