Picking worktops to match your cabinet doors

When the time has finally come to replace those tired old kitchen cabinet doors, you may all of a sudden start noticing that other parts of your kitchen start looking a bit tired and need replacing.

This may mean that you will be looking for some new kitchen worktops to compliment your new cabinets. The way modern kitchens are designed, being able to replace old kitchen worktops for shiny new countertops is actually a fairly straightforward process. However before you rush in, you should ask yourself how you should you go about picking new kitchen countertops and what style/material/finish you should go for?

To help you out, Discount Worktop Store have put together some top tips for your to think about….

What is your budget?

If you have just paid for some new cabinets, your budget may not be able to stretch all the way to the top spec worktops, especially if you go for granite. Worktop prices range depending on material and size but a great compromise is picking something that is hard wearing and looks good. This doesn’t have to be a top spec material. Every single worktop material that we sell online at Discount Worktop Store is something we would happily have in our own kitchen.

Kitchen worktops at discounted prices in the UK

Always get samples

If you are painting a room, you would most likely do a test wall to check that you are happy with the colour. Why not do the same with kitchen counters? From the feel of the material to the exact colour and how it works with both the natural light of your kitchen during the day to how it works with the lights in your kitchen at night.

kitchen worktops and doors to match

What style/colour are you going for?

If you know what colour you want the new kitchen cabinets to be then picking the worktops will be a lot easier. Google images can be a great ally in helping you see examples of kitchens and their colour/worktop combinations. So get googling (or binging).

Things to consider (however obvious) are that having high gloss doors and high gloss worktops can take the gloss away from both. When it comes to colour, white is popular but can create a clinical look and black can work well with almost any cupboard colour expect for black itself. Choose your colour based on whether you want the worktop/countertop to be highly visible or quietly subtle.