Picking a kitchen worktop that is easy to clean.

With everything going on in the world amid the Global Pandemic that is Covid-19, the need to wash our hands, clean surfaces and a list of other things longer than your arm may have you wondering about how you can keep your kitchen worktops looking sparkly new AND hygienically clean.

While different people go about it different ways, there are those that wipe down their shopping before it goes in the fridge. Others will plate their Take Away food where in previous days, they would have eaten it straight out of the carton. And of course when you out down your shopping bags and you place that takeaway bag down – where do you do it? On the kitchen worktop most likely. So that is another surface that needs clean one more time.

So with the ‘New Normal’ or regular cleaning, what types of kitchen worktops are best to stand up to the regular cleaning using the conventional ‘Supermarket Cleaning Products’?

Well non porous worktops are best. The likes of Corian, Apollo Quartz and Hi Macs Kitchen Worktops are best. Wood however will suffer if you are regularly cleaning it. You can of course, recoat the wood in protective varnish but the question is – do you want to be doing that every year or so? Wood can warp if left damp for too long. Which is why it is generally advised that you don’t have wooden worktops surrounding a kitchen sink or directly above a dishwasher. That constant water staining can penetrate the wood and cause mould and warping.

Non porous worktops however are brilliant to fight of staining and can cope with the powerful cleaning agents that are found in your worktop cleaners.

So if you are thinking of a new kitchen worktop for your new kitchen remodel but are worried about the impact of more and more cleaning and washing down then simply look for the non porous worktops available.

And as always, if you have any questions about our kitchen worktops, the materials, colours, sizes or fitting, then please call us. We are always happy to talk through the options.