Have you said hello to Fresh? **Offer**

Here at DWS we are delighting in a new way of cooking and eating week by week. Through social media we were made aware of a company called Hello Fresh who deliver weekly boxes of fresh ingredients to their customers. The boxes contain three or five meals for two or four people and you can choose from Classic, Vegetarian or Family Favourites box.

Using the following code CXFNJT you will receive £20 off your first box.

Each box has recipes and the exact quantities of each ingredient you need to create very tasty meals,. We are already onto our third box here and we love the fact that we can be more adventurous than usual with our cooking, without buying tonnes of obscure ingredients. I can safely say that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed 90% of the meals from Hello Fresh’s boxes The only thing you need to add to the ingredients from your own larder is olive oil, salt & pepper and occasionally butter.
The ingredients are very high quality, fresh fruit and veg straight from the farm and using best British suppliers. Ingredients are delivered free, direct to your door and are packaged so well in stay cool boxes that the contents are safe for 24 hours, if you cannot accept delivery straight away for any reason.

If like us you would struggle to come up with nutritious, interesting meals week on week, these meals from scratch mean you can avoid processed foods and expensive meals out. Whether you are a seasoned cook or just starting out you are sure to enjoy creating these delicious meals which I can’t imagine getting bored of. They are definitely not dull but not difficult to make either.

At an average of £4 per meal, convenient and healthy I can’t fault this service and will be continuing my Hello Fresh subscription for some time to come.