Very funny repost of article by Indigo Social Media. I think we can all relate to this if we grew up North of the Border!

Hashtag Highlights – #GrowingUpScottish
by Indigo Social Media
Posted on July 16, 2015 at 14:18 PM

Cut on your knee? Doc leaf. Over 10 degrees outside? Troon beach. On holiday and they don’t sell Irn Bru? Flight home.
At Indigo we are proud of our diverse team from all over the world, but a day doesn’t go by in the office without some confusion over our different cultures. It is because of this that we were happy to see #GrowingUpScottish trending on Twitter today.
Through a feed of tweets, our international colleagues were educated about what it was to be born and raised in Scotland. They now know of the situations that made the Scots the people they are – for better or worse…
Here are some of the hashtags highlights: