Dupont Corian Seagrass

This month’s featured worktop is Dupont Corian’s “Seagrass”. Seagrass has always been a popular choice for bathrooms with it’s soft, watery quality but we’ve recently seen an explosion in Seagrass sales for kitchens. We can only assume that this colour has been featured in local press, home magazines or on home shows lately. We do love it when that happens as it certainly shakes thing up a little bit for us here, we get so used to selling the same colours in the same applications.

We do know that the colour was used in the The Gavin Jones “Garden of Corian®” at the Chelsea Flower Show 2008 installation. You can read about this exciting project at the following link

This doesn’t explain the sudden popularity in kitchens but does go to show the versatility and natural beauty of this colour, for those looking for an interior inspired by nature.

Corian Seagrass

I’ve always thought Seagrass suited a bathroom environment perfectly so it took a bit of getting used to, seeing it in the kitchen. However I love it and think it makes for a truly contemporary and original look. You could be assured that your kitchen would be different to any your friends and family have seen before! It’s a light, neutral colour but adds more interest than whites.
IMG_1429 copy

seagrass island


You can see our Dupont Corian range and get a quote at The installation slots before Christmas are filling up quickly so don’t delay if you want your beautiful new worktops to be ready for preparing the Christmas dinner.