Christmas Eve Box

I can’t believe advent is upon us already for another countdown to Christmas. Last christmas doesn’t feel all that long ago. However saying that it has been a very busy, eventful and fruitful year for us here at DWS. As our thoughts turn to all things festive I am taken with the idea of something I’ve seen around quite a lot recently, on Pinterest, in the press etc. This is the idea of Christmas Eve boxes.  In our culture of excess it’s only to be expected that one day of gifts, food and excitement would’t be enough…enter the Christmas Eve box kicking of the fun twelve hours early. As a child, my sister and I were always allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve, to whet our appetite for the treats to come and in some countries, gifts are traditionally exchanged and opened on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day as in the UK.  The Christmas Eve box gives us the best of both worlds. Typically for children, these boxes are filled with goodies to make Christmas Eve an event in itself. They may include items such as


  • a Christmas themed book – I particularly like the idea of ‘The Night before Christmas’ as I loved this poem as a child.
  • slippers/slipper socks
  • pyjamas
  • a chocolate Santa lolly or chocolate coins
  • Christmas movie to watch as a family
  • Christmas mug, hot chocolate and mini marshmallows
  • Christmas craft or supplies to do some Christmas baking
  • Cookie cutter (for activity above)
  • Bath bomb/bubble bath
  • Christmas crockery to use on Christmas Day
  • Cuddly toy
  • Christmas themed activity pack
  • popcorn
  • candycane
  • a dated ornament for the tree
  • reindeer food
  • a door key for Santa (for houses without chimneys)
  • a glass milk bottle for Santa’s drink
  • fruit
  • Christmas socks
  • gingerbread men
This is just an example of the many items that could be put in to the box, creating a lovely family tradition that children would love.  The items could be put into a cardboard box wrapped in Christmas paper or for a more lasting container, the internet is now awash with personalised wooden Christmas Eve boxes which your child can use year after year.
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