Kitchen Lighting Tips

While we are all about great quality kitchen worktops and discounted online prices, we still wan your kitchen to look absolutely amazing.  So whether you are getting a whole new kitchen, cabinets, worktops and all or you are simply getting a few things replaced like your worktops then you still want to be able to see your lovely new kitchen come night or day.  And that means you need to have a wee think about lighting.


Whether it is the actual lighting that allows you to see what you are doing while creating a meal or the mood lighting you want to make the meal itself that little bit more intimate; you need to plan it all out.

And the best time to plan for installing lighting is in the planning stages.  It makes it easier to install it all and it is a lot easier to have it the way you want it.  So simple things like how you will control the lighting can be tackled right at the start.   Where will the light switches be?  Will you have more than one location for the switches?  Will there be a dimmer function?


Once you have decided this then you can look at the styles of lighting.  Pendant lighting features, spot lighting fixtures and under cabinet lighting are popular.  It means you can have spot lighting for bright lights so that you can see what you are doing, then pendant lighting for more mood lighting and then under cabinet lighting that can be used for either.


There is one type of lighting that we have not mentioned yet and that is natural lighting.  Natural light can be an invaluable addition to a kitchen, especially for breakfast and lunch times.  Try to make sure that your window lighting allows for as much light to enter and fill the room with a warm glow.


Whatever lighting options you are thinking of, always remember that it is your kitchen and therefore you should have it the way you want it.  Think about how you use the kitchen, is it just for cooking food in or do you dine there as well.  Do your children do their school homework in the kitchen and would more task lighting be useful.


With lighting, it is up to you, but our main advise will always be to plan in advance.