Have you Considered Recycled Glass Worktops?

If you’re in the market for some new kitchen worktops that are equally stylish and practical, then recycled glass worktops might be the answer.

Recycled glass worktops are a sustainable and visually stunning option for your kitchen. With fragments of glass embedded in the material, they reflect light round the room, giving them a glistening quality.

There is a multitude of options when it comes to kitchen worktop materials. And while choosing the perfect worktops can feel overwhelming, we can confidently say that with recycled glass you won’t be disappointed. Offering an even balance of durability, versatility and aesthetic value, along with their eco-friendly nature, they are definitely a strong contender in the kitchen worktop game.

So, what actually are recycled glass worktops?

It won’t come as a surprise that recycled glass worktops are made from, you guessed it, recycled glass. This glass is sourced from all kinds of products, such as bottles, windows, and car windscreens. The glass is sterilized and manufactured, along with polymers and resins, to create a durable and visually pleasing surface – perfect for kitchen worktops.

Durability and maintenance

Don’t be fooled into thinking that glass worktops aren’t strong and durable. Yes, when you think of glass, the word delicate comes to mind. However, these glass worktops are manufactured with durable materials, which allow them to withstand constant daily use.

Their non- porous nature also makes them hygienic and prevents the growth of bacteria. An attractive quality for any kitchen worktop surface. Furthermore, they are scratch, stain and heat resistant. So, the idea that glass is fragile, simply doesn’t apply in this case.

The environmental advantages

Recycled glass worktops are an excellent choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. Compared to other traditional worktop materials the environmental impact is much smaller. By reusing resources that would otherwise go to landfill, the production these worktops require much less energy consumption and new materials, and therefore leaves a much less substantial carbon footprint.

Their aesthetic appeal

Glass worktops are incredibly versatile in terms of appearance. With the wide range of colour possibilities of the glass used and the resins, its possible to create many different finishes. The glass fragments in the surface reflect light beautifully, giving a subtle glistening effect.

Worktops with contrasting glass and resin colours create a mosaic-like appearance, adding depth and texture to the surface. On the other hand, low contrast options appear smoother and more consistent like natural stone.

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