Is my kitchen just somewhere to cook in or can it be more?

Your kitchen is a central hub in the home.

It is not just for cooking in – it is a living space where you can spend just as much time in as your living room or lounge.

So when it comes to planning your new dream kitchen, we strongly recommend the following.  Plan, plan and plan some more.  It is all very good and well wanting a new kitchen like one of the examples you found while searching through google images but how will you be using the kitchen?  Are you a budding chef who needs lots of work surface areas?  Is the kitchen a through road to the garden?  Is it a kitchen/dining room or a room to heat up some food?

How to plan for your dream kitchen

You should identify what you don’t like about your current kitchen.  Not just the styling but where the fridge, cooking hobs, dishwasher and sink are all located.  Some things have to be where they are for plumbing purposes but so much can be moved around so that you get the dream kitchen that you want.

Here are a few questions that you should think about….

  • Do you currently have enough work surface space?
  • Do you have enough cupboard space?
  • Are your existing cupboards in a good location and easy to get to?
  • Are your cupboards full of stuff you don’t need?
  • How far a walk is it from the sink to the bin or the dishwasher and other appliances?
  • Does your kitchen currently have good natural lighting or does the light always have to be turned on?

One more thing to think about.  When you are looking through all the kitchen brochures, the photos as you would expect make all the kitchens lovely and warm, inviting and beautiful.  But so many of those kitchen photos wont have a microwave, a toaster, a kettle or a drying rack in them.  These items are part of the everyday live of a kitchen so always remember to drop them into your ideas.

Get in touch

Hopefully this has got you thinking more about what your new kitchen should be and what it needs to do.  If you want any advice on your new kitchen or kitchen worktops, DWS are just a phone call away.