April Fools!!!

Happy April Fools 2022

We may not sell edible Kitchen Worktops but we do offer a great range of kitchen worktops online at better than trade prices. Why not have a look while you are here.

Our new sign is up

As keen followers of Discount WorktopStore and our latest news will know, we are now the proud sponsor of the 8th hole at Elderslie Golf Club in Scotland.

The 8th Hole, known as ‘Newton Oak’ is a 193 yard par and we are incredibly proud to be the sponsor of this wonderful hole.

And now we are delighted to announce that our sponsorship sign is printed and up so that everyone who plays this magnificent golf course will now also be made aware of Discount Worktop Store and our range of better than trade kitchen worktops that are the exact same as those found in the high street store yet for a lot less.

sponsor of the 8th hole at Elderslie Golf Club

You can discover more about Elderslie Golf Course by clicking the link below.

Elderslie Golf Course

Proud sponsors of the 8th at Elderslie Golf Club

We are delighted to announce that we have become the proud sponsor of the 8th Hole at Elderslie Golf Club.

Known for its stunning scenery, Elderslie Golf Course is a challenging round of fairways, rough and trees with the stunning backdrop of Newton Woods.

The 8th Hole, known as ‘Newton Oak’ is a 193 yard par and we are incredibly proud to be the sponsor of this wonderful hole.

You can discover more about Elderslie Golf Course by clicking the link below.

Elderslie Golf Course

A new kitchen using recycled worktops

Okay so the heading to this post may be a bit misleading. We are not talking about using existing worktops that were in someone else’s kitchen. Because pretty much every kitchen is its own unique layout, it is actually quite difficult to get a good fitting recycled worktop to fit your kitchen.

What we are talking about is Recycled Glass Worktops. The new ‘hot’ property when it comes to worktop styles and trends.

What is Recycled Glass Worktops?

Apollo Recycled Glass® Kitchen Worktops are composed of 70% Recycled Glass, giving a unique depth of texture as light refracts throughout the glass surface crystals.

How are they made?

Crushed and powdered glass fragments beneath each crystal offer a glistening dimension unseen in any other kind of surface. This is truly a luxury worktop that must be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated.

Is recycled glass worktops eco friendly?

When Apollo was designing their Apollo Recycled Glass worktop range, they aimed to develop an eco-friendly product which embodied distinction; a luxury worktop with it’s own unique character.

It was not an overnight project. After years of research and development, we formulated our own unique methodology to combine the strength of Quartz with the allure of crystal. The result is a worktop of stunning beauty, offering a literal depth of texture which is inimitable by any other style of worktop.

How can I find out more?

You can find out more by clicking here to go to view our range of Recycled Glass Worktop styles. If you like what you can see, you can get an online quote for any of our range by filling in a simple form.

If you have any more questions, we are just a phone call away.

We may be a dedicated online kitchen worktop store but we still have a phone number that you can call and a human voice at the other end of it. We are professionals in our trade and are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about Recycled Glass worktops and any of the rest of our worktop range.

Simply call 0845 600 5512 (9am-9pm)

Picking a kitchen worktop that is easy to clean.

With everything going on in the world amid the Global Pandemic that is Covid-19, the need to wash our hands, clean surfaces and a list of other things longer than your arm may have you wondering about how you can keep your kitchen worktops looking sparkly new AND hygienically clean.

While different people go about it different ways, there are those that wipe down their shopping before it goes in the fridge. Others will plate their Take Away food where in previous days, they would have eaten it straight out of the carton. And of course when you out down your shopping bags and you place that takeaway bag down – where do you do it? On the kitchen worktop most likely. So that is another surface that needs clean one more time.

So with the ‘New Normal’ or regular cleaning, what types of kitchen worktops are best to stand up to the regular cleaning using the conventional ‘Supermarket Cleaning Products’?

Well non porous worktops are best. The likes of Corian, Apollo Quartz and Hi Macs Kitchen Worktops are best. Wood however will suffer if you are regularly cleaning it. You can of course, recoat the wood in protective varnish but the question is – do you want to be doing that every year or so? Wood can warp if left damp for too long. Which is why it is generally advised that you don’t have wooden worktops surrounding a kitchen sink or directly above a dishwasher. That constant water staining can penetrate the wood and cause mould and warping.

Non porous worktops however are brilliant to fight of staining and can cope with the powerful cleaning agents that are found in your worktop cleaners.

So if you are thinking of a new kitchen worktop for your new kitchen remodel but are worried about the impact of more and more cleaning and washing down then simply look for the non porous worktops available.

And as always, if you have any questions about our kitchen worktops, the materials, colours, sizes or fitting, then please call us. We are always happy to talk through the options.

Coronavirus Update – April

We are still open for quote and any queries you may have for discount worktops. Any quotes we process at this time for you will be honoured for when you are able to complete your project. Due to ongoing situation we are currently not able to provide templating or installation until the government restrictions have been lifted. All terms and your price will be frozen for a date that best suits your circumstances.

We hope you & yours stay safe and well during these coming weeks and months.

Blown away by our kitchen worktops

It is always nice to hear from a happy customer and today is no different.

We were contacted by a customer who had used Discount Worktop Store for their new kitchen worktops.  With a huge range of colours, materials and fitting options, what is not to like.

And they have sent us in pictures of their new worktops now that they have been fitted. They went with a rather beautiful grey patterned kitchen worktop design that looks absolutely fantastic with the Powder Sky Blue colours of the kitchen cabinets.  When you consider that your kitchen is the most used room of your house, it is so satisfying when you have manage to ‘nail it’ with the interior design look of the room.

With a great new kitchen layout and durable hard wearing kitchen worktops, we are sure that they will get many many years of great use our of their new kitchen.

cheap kitchen worktop recommended

How to lay out your kitchen

So you have decided to get a new kitchen – congratulations.

The old kitchen has served you well (or maybe you look forward to sending it to the skip) but now it is time for a fresh, clean look and a modern layout.

And when it comes to kitchens and layouts, we know a thing or two about that. After all, we are a kitchen worktop supply company. We sell some of the very best kitchen worktop materials from Apollo to Zodiaq (A-Z, see what we did there 😉) all at better than trade discounted prices.

So if you are looking for a cheap kitchen worktop but don’t want a cheap kitchen worktop material, then you have come to the right place.

So how do you layout a new kitchen?

It is a simple question with a simple answer.  To layout a kitchen you have to think about how you use a kitchen.

The primary use of a kitchen is to cook food. The preparing, the cooking, the eating and the washing. So first things first, we start with the fridge.  Where would that located?

wooden kitchen worktops online

Once you decide that, the rest of the kitchen design begins to flow.  When you are making a meal, you would take the food out the fridge and begin chopping up the vegetables etc.  So you want to have a food preparation kitchen worktop space next to, or close to, the fridge.  You can then locate cupboards and shelves to store tins, rice, pasta etc close by to this space so that all of your food preparation items are close at hand.

Once you have chopped all the meat and veg, the next step is to cook it.  So where does the hob and oven go?  You don’t want to have to carry a plate of vegetables across the room every time you want to cook them.  But then you don’t want to have them too close to access doors and walkways, especially if you have small children running around.

Once you have cooked the meal, you need to serve the plates up.  So more worktop space is required for this.  And then when you have finished your delicious meal, you need somewhere to collect the pile of dirty dishes before you load them in the dishwasher.  So the next question is…where is the dishwasher?  Do you want to be walking back and forth in your new kitchen with dirty dishes to load a dishwasher and then walk back and forth (again) to unload the dishwasher and put all your clean cutlery etc away?

This is why the flow of a kitchen is so important. Once you have determined this kitchen flow, you can then fill in the gaps with more cupboard space etc.  Maybe there is some space for a breakfast bar?

To help you to determine the layout of a kitchen, we have put together this kitchen planner.  It is a simple pdf you can download and print to your hearts content.

It will allow you to put together an ideal plan of how you would like your dream kitchen to work and flow.

Download Kitchen Planner PDF >>>

And as always, if you want to know more about kitchen worktops for your new dream kitchen, simply give us a call.

Coronavirus Isolation with Kids – 50 things to do

With Coronavirus having now caused the schools across Scotland, England and Wales to shut, so many of us across the UK will now be wondering what on earth they are going to do to balance working AND entertaining the kids for the days, weeks and possibly (but hopefully not) months ahead. 

And while this may have little to do with kitchen worktops, as your kitchen is the busiest room in the home, it is about to get a whole lot busier so we thought we would put together a list of as many fun activities that you can do with the kids (mostly in the kitchen) to keep them entertained during Coronavirus Self Isolation.

coronavirus isolation with kids

Portrait of family keeping their hands one another at home


1 – Make a Play Doh Castle

2 – Make Macaroni Pictures

3 – Mark out a race track on the kitchen floor (make sure you don’t damage the floor).

4 – Organise the cook books in the kitchen

5 – Let the kids pick recipes from the cook book to plan out the meals ahead (this might even help them eat something healthy)

6 – Create a den under the kitchen table

7 – Do some leaf rubbings

8 – Thread pasta into jewellery

9 – Make paper aeroplanes

10 – Play a board game at the kitchen table

11 – Create a paper chain to hang in the kitchen

12 – Play Simon Says

13 – Create musical instruments using rice and an empty jar

14 – Learn how to bake bread

15 – Keep a baloon in the air as long as possible

16 – Do a mini gym workout

17 – Create movie posters based on the kids favourite movies

18 – Listen to an audio book

19 – Have a kids ‘afternoon tea’ with cake

20 – Take apart an old appliance so that they can see how it works

21 – Potato Paintings

22 – Create a family tree

23 – Do a fake news story and interview the family like they were ‘witnesses’.

24 – Paint the kids nails

25 – Make decorative bookmarks

26 – Use Video chat with the Grandparents/Family Friends at the kitchen table

27 – Homework (just because school is shut doesn’t mean they should stop learning)

28 – Create a new game from scratch (let the kids imagination run wild)

29 – Make a box fort using any boxes you may have in the home

30 – Write letters to loved ones (a bit like when you send family postcards on holiday)

31 – Do some science experiments

32 – Bake a cake

33 – Play shopkeeper

34 – Clear out the cupboards as if this was a Spring Clean

35 – Do a ‘fashion walk’ using grown-up clothes (it will be hilarious)

36 – If you have any air dry clay, make a sculpture

37 – Plant some indoor plants

38 – Learn and make origami animals

39 – Start a ‘tuck shop’

40 – Make a paper snowflake

41 – Put on a sock puppet show

42 – Create a sensory shaker using a cleaned out bottle, glitter and water

43 – Build a block tower using Jenga pieces

44 – Press flowers with a heavy book

45 – Create a ‘magic’ potion

46 – Measure each others height, arm length etc

47 – Take ‘artistic photos’ with your smart phone

48 – Make a time capsule

49 – Create a Marble Drop Tower

50 – Set up a line of dominos and know them over


And there we go – 50 suggestions (some good and some bad) that you can do in your kitchen during the Coronavirus Self Isolation time.


Working from home

With Coronavirus Covid-19 having taken over our daily lives in the UK, so many of us are now working from home. And that means that all of a sudden, our kitchen has gone from the place that we cook and eat to the place that we cook, eat and work in. And before you get too down beat about that, at least you don’t have to sleep there as well.

So, going on the basis that you will be working in your kitchen, we thought we would put together some info and top tips on working from home and what you can do to keep a balance between personal and work life in the busiest room of your home.  After all, we do sell kitchen worktops.  This is kind of related.

1 – Maintain Regular Working Hours

It can be easy to loose yourself in the hours of the day and not be able to properly shut off from work in the evening hours. At the end of the 9-5 day, put your working material, laptop/paperwork etc away and out of sight.

2 – Create a routine that matches your existing work routine

You don’t stop working at 9:45 to hang up laundry at work do you? Well if you don’t do that in the office then why should you do it while working from home? Try to keep a regimented timeline.

3 – Create a specific working space

If you keep moving around the home doing wrk then you never truly create a work environment and others in the house will not respect your work space. If you have a designated working space then the kids will know to leave that area alone (famous last words) and others will be quiet when passing that area on their way to the bathroom etc.

4 – Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on equipment

If you are going to be spending the day typing etc, should you not have a proper keyboard and mouse to use? Having to survive with the keyboard and cursor built into a laptop may send you crazy faster than you realise.

5 – All of a sudden your personal mobile number is going to get a lot of use.

People won’t be dialing the office number to get hold of you anymore and while you might be okay with that for a day or two, you should consider getting a work specific sim card/phone number. It is a lot cheaper than you think and a lot of modern mobile phones have dual sim capability.

6 – Socialise with your co-workers

Loneliness and isolation can have a profound effect on someone not used to working from home. If you no longer have the ‘water cooler gossip’ to feed on, what new things can you talk about with your family that evening. Try to keep communication going with your co-workers as best you can.

7 -Lost in (email) communication

When you start working from home and begin to rely on email messages where previously it was verbal communication in the meeting room, you run the risk of loosing important information in translation. Make sure your emails make sense and remember how hard it is to convey tone in a message.

8 – Take advantage of working from home

Now you work from home, your commute to work has been cut down dramatically. So that ‘slow roasted’ meal that you never have time for….now you do. As long as it doesn’t conflict with tip number 2.

9 – Finish your 9-5 day with a routine

While self isolation may get in the way of some things, you could go for a short stroll, take the dog for a walk etc. Something that acts as a marker that your working day is complete.

10 – Don’t be afraid to change things

If working in the kitchen is not doing it for you then move. While there is no guarantee for how long things will go on for, if the ticking of the clock in the kitchen is getting on your nerves, take the battery out. If the sunlight os blocking your view on the computer screen for two hours of the day then don’t just endure it. Do something about it.

11 – Wear clothes

It might sound strange but the general assumption is that people who work from home stay in their pyjamas all day. Dressing up for work (even if you are working from home) can help you get into the mental thinking of being at work.

Working from home can have many upsides but if you have spent your whole working life in an office then it may be a difficult adjustment to make. Get dressed, start the day well in a dedicated space that you feel comfortable in. Keep the communication going with the outside world and remember to turn off at the end of the working day.

Do these things and you will be fine.