Deciding on number of sockets in my new kitchen

Planning your new kitchen – things like how many plug sockets you need can leave you all tangled up

There is a growing trend these days to keep some of the electrical appliances you would more commonly find on a kitchen worktop inside cupboards. This might seem obvious for food processors, slow cookers, rice cookers etc but more and more these days people are storing their toasters in cupboards and only bringing them out when they are needed. Because of this, figuring out the number of sockets you need and where they should be located is becoming a bigger decision than ever before.

We use more and more appliances every day so to that end, we would always advise you have more than one double socket so that you don’t have to constantly switch the plug of the toaster with the plug of the coffee machine to switch to the plug of the blender simply so that you can have some toast, a smoothie and a coffee for breakfast.