What every family kitchen needs

You may be wondering why on earth we have put together an article about what every family kitchen needs.  We sell kitchen worktops online at trade prices.  So what does that have to do with what you need in a kitchen?  Well it doesn’t.  But we are passionate about kitchens and kitchen worktops and we want you to get the best in quality and price from us and we want you to get the best in everything else so that you truly get the dream kitchen you have always wanted.

So today we are talking about 5 things that every family kitchen needs.

kitchen worktop tips

1 – Space

A family kitchen is not just somewhere that you cook food and eat food in.  It is where school homework is done.  It is where muddy boots are cleaned and it is probably where the school clothes get hung out to dry when it is raining outside.

So when it comes to planning your new dream kitchen, always think about space.  Does this layout have the space I need to operate as  family in the day to day chaos of getting ready for school, safely boiling pasta and entertaining my children’ friends on play dates?


2 – Big family – big fridge

While young care free single people and couples can shop at their leisure, a family needs to have a fridge fully stocked.  And that means a big fridge.  So when you are planning your kitchen out, remember – you need a big fridge!!!


3 – A bigger freezer

Yes that is right, we have kept the freezer as a separate item for the family kitchen.  Why you ask?  Well because a family has more frozen things.  Fish Fingers, Chips, frozen vegetables and all the frozen meals that you make in advance to make life easier.  This is why you need to plan out your kitchen in advance not just for the daily use of the kitchen but the storage of things within it as well.


4 – A dinning table

When you are young free and either single or in a straight forward relationship then you will find that so many of your meals are eaten at breakfast bars, on your lap in front of the tv or something similar.  When you are a family of 3, 4 or more then having an actual dinning table is essential.  You need to work this into the space.  We have worked on a number of kitchen worktop projects in the past where they had a large worktop area that was the dinning table.  Think of it like a dinning table that happens to be an extension of the kitchen worktop ‘zone’.


5 – Messy kids make lots of mess and don’t care much about scuffing walls.

We speak from both personal experience AND knowledge from some customers and their suffering.  We of course are talking about a) kids making lots of mess and you having to be the one that cleans it up.  Simply having the dust pan and brush close to the dinning table to sweep up the mess each and every night can be priceless.  And make sure that things are not too tightly squeezed together.  You would be amazed how quickly scuff marks of chairs rubbing against the wall will drive you up the very same wall.


And there you go.  We don’t want to inundate you with too much information.  You may think that so much of what we have said is common knowledge but for so many, they have never had to think about having a freezer that can hold a large box of fish fingers.  Up until parenthood, that space went towards keeping a bottle of Vodka cold. 😉


Another happy customer

It is always nice to hear from our customers, not just after a successful sale but also when the new kitchen worktops have been fitted.


So when we hear from one of our clients not just with a note of thanks but also pictures to go with it, we were more than thrilled.  So we thought we would share it with you….

“We have finally moved into our barn conversion – as promised, here are a couple of pictures of the kitchen – I’m so thrilled with it and the worktop just looks great and visitors are totally amazed. Hope you like them!

Many thanks for your help throughout the whole purchasing and fitting procedure – I will be happy to recommend your company to anyone.

Best regards,



Breakfast bar worktops top tips

If you have decided that now is the time to get a new kitchen then let us firstly say – congratulations.


The kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms in a house.  From having your morning bowl of cereal to kids homework and then of course, making, eating and cleaning your dinner every night.

So when it comes to planning out your kitchen, you want to make sure that it is a room that can work with your life.  So when it comes to breakfast bars, we thought we would give you some top tips.


Kitchen worktop breakfast bars are a great place for so many of the day to day kitchen uses.

Do the whole family site at the dinner table for breakfast?  If not then a breakfast bar may just be a great addition for the morning breakfast traffic.

Do you like to sit in the kitchen reading the paper over a cup of coffee?  Then a breakfast bar are may be a great addition.  Especially if you have friends join you for a cup every now and again.

Do you have company while you prepare dinner in the evenings?  Then a breakfast bar is a great place where they can sit and chat to you as you slave over a hot stove.


When it comes to what type of kitchen worktop to go for with your breakfast bar, it really depends on what you will use it for.  So for example if you were going to use the breakfast bar as an area for food preparation ie. sitting on a stool and chopping vegetables then we would advise against wooden worktops.  With the frequent washing of the surface, you will damage the staining and can even cause splintering.  This should not detract your from wood as a kitchen worktops as it is a fantastic worktop material.  But we want to be honest.  All it takes is a spilt beetroot to cause some cleaning chemical damage to a wooden worktop.  And if your kids are going to be doing their homework on a wooden worktop breakfast bar then get ready for many pen marks on the wood as they accidently go off the page while working on their latest homework project.


Space is another thing to thing about.  Is your breakfast bar going to be part of a kitchen island?  If so then is there enough space to walk behind someone while they are sitting at the breakfast bar?  If not then will that pose a problem for foot traffic as people come and go through the kitchen.  Remember that a lot of kitchens are the access point to the back garden.  So do you really want your coffee/newspaper time interupted as the kids come in and out of the garden every five minutes.


And the last thing to think about is lighting.  A breakfast bar can be great for daily use but if the location that you can put a breakfast bar in is a dark corner of the kitchen then you may find that it will not actually get used much because it becomes a negative space.  


We hope our advise and top tips on kitchen worktops and breakfast bars is of use.  And we hope you enjoy looking through the rest of our website for some of the best online discount prices in kitchen worktops in the UK.

Do you need a dishwasher in your kitchen?

At Discount Kitchen Worktops Store, we like to help.  And not just with our kitchen worktops which as always, you will find at better than trade prices.  But with all kitchen related items.

Because when you get a new kitchen, it is a big investment.  Not just in cost but in time and effort. Your kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms of the house so you want to get it right.  Which is why we put together some helpful blog articles that you can use as a guide when you are planning out your new kitchen – worktops and all.


Todays topic is more a question – do you need a dishwasher in your new kitchen?  The simple answer is probably yes, but here is 10 key points to consider AGAINST getting a dishwasher in your new kitchen.


How clean does it make your dishes?

This may seem obvious but if you cram your dishwasher to the brim with dirty dishes, it reduces its ability to clean them properly.  They may look clean but harmful bacteria could still be lurking.

Your wine glasses may not survive!

If you are a fan of wine (and who isn’t) then you may well be putting your wine glasses in the dishwasher at the end of the night.  But wine glasses are delicate and can easily break in a dishwasher.  Then you have the joy of trying to fish out all the broken pieces of glass from the bottom of the dishwasher without cutting yourself.


The cost

Dishwashers are not cheap and unlike the old days – they are not built to last.  Modern dishwashers have a very specific timeline before they all of a sudden decide to break.  And when they break, they leak.  Do you really want to be mopping up slushy mushy dish water from the floor and forking out more money for a replacement after  a few years?


Hard water damages your glasses

If you live in the south of England then you will no doubt suffer from hard water.  And you will know that hard water can easily damage your glasses and turn them white.  Not the most visually appealing thing.


You could destroy all your dishes in one go

We have heard nightmare stories where a dishwasher rack has simply fallen off the shelf and broken pretty much then entire dish collection.  A massive pain that can also add up to quite a lot of money if you had nice dishes.


Wooden handles are a no go

If you have nice steak knives – you will still have to wash them by hand because dishwashers do not treat wood very nicely.  The same goes for wooden handles pots and pans.


The hassle of loading and unloading a dishwasher

While you may think that a dishwasher saves you time – if you think about the time it takes to load up a dishwasher and then empty it – is that a big time saving over simply washing the dishes there and then?


The grease can cover everything

So often, people will load their dishwasher without first lightly cleaning a dish.  If that dish is covered in grease then it can easily cover everything in the dishwasher and all of a sudden, you have to wash everything twice!!


Did you know you have to clean your dishwasher?

Thats right – every so often, you have to clean the dishwasher.  That is more time on your part and more money because you have to buy special cleaning product.


The environment

By not using a dishwasher you are saving on electricity costs but also helping the environment.  


And there you go – food for thought.  


We hope we have helped.

8 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

For those that are regular visitors to our news/blog section, you will know that we love to help out our customers with everything and anything to do with their new kitchen worktops.


For those of you who are new to the blog, you may be wondering….why are you helping use with cabinet door handles when you sell worktops?  The answer is simple.  We want our customers to get the very best kitchen they can do – worktops and all.  So we write these blog posts to help give you advise on the good, the bad, the ugly and this week….what to avoid.

1 – Going it alone

If you are thinking of doing all the electrica, the plumbing, the tiling, the painting and the fitting of the kitchen yourself just to save a few pounds – then don’t.  Doing this will more often than not land you in trouble.  Obviously if you are a professional tradesman then bash on and have fun.  But if you have never done these things before, we advise that on this occasion, you get someone to help you out.  The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house and you do not want to mess it up.


2 – Overlooking how much storage you need

If you are a family of four and you all like cereal then you might be thinking you need a space for cereal.  But then if you and your kids like variety beyond Bran Flakes every morning then the space for 4 boxes of cereal may actually need to be big enough for 5, 6 or more boxes.  The same goes for juice, tins of tomatoes and more.  Life is a lot easier if you have more storage space than less.


3 – Forgetting the flow of a meal

What do you mean the flow of a meal?  Well let us tell you.  It starts with a fridge full of the fresh ingredients you need for dinner.  Do you want to have to carry them all across the kitchen to the nearest workspace?  No.  You want to put them right next to the fridge.  So then you chop the vegetables, the chicken etc.  Do you then want to have to carry them all across the kitchen to the stove?  No.  You want it right next to the work surface.  Then when the meal is ready, do you want to carry pots of hot pasta water across the kitchen to drain it down the sink?  No…..you see where we are going.  Having a kitchen laid out to FLOW with its core focus of making food (and then sadly cleaning the plates) makes life a lot easier.


4 – The worktop battle

Ahh here we are – kitchen worktops.  So you have your new kitchen laid out.  But where does the bread bin go?  And the kettle, the toaster, the coffee machine, the space rack, the cook books, the salt, the pepper and so on.  And is there still any actual worktop space left to prepare the meal?  Don’t flood the kitchen with trinkets.


5 – High foot traffic leads to high wear

So when the call goes out to the rest of the family that dinner is ready, you get an onslaught of hungry bodies flooding into the kitchen looking to fill their stomachs.  This can lead to knocks on cabinet doors, scuffs against walls and more.  Remember where the main ‘wear and tear’ of the kitchen comes from.  It isn’t always from the kitchen knife and chopping board.


6 – Don’t forget to stick to the budget.

You would be amazed how many people buy a whole kitchen and then forget about the cabinet door handles.  Or the floor, or the cooker or something.  Kitchens can be complicated to purchase for and it is easy to loose track of budget.  Keep an eye on it now and always.


7 – Fitting round pegs into square holes

If you pick a kitchen, get it made and fitted THEN try to find a fridge freezer that fits – you may be in for a shock.  Try to pick your appliances first, or at very least lock down the dimensions that you need to get them to fit properly.


8 – Forgetting the BIG PICTURE

We all want a nice looking kitchen and too many people fall into the trap of what they see kitchens being used for in the movies.  Sitting there i your crystal clean kitchen sipping wine after the kids have gone to bed.  But be honest – will that really happen?  Will it be crystal clean?  Do you need a specific breakfast bar for coffee with friends when you always go out for coffee?  The big picture is this.  Your kitchen is for cooking meals and eating meals.  It might be used for school homework and the occasional board game night.  Remember the BIG PICTURE of what you are getting a new kitchen for.

Keep your granite kitchen worktops sparkling

At Kitchen Worktops Store, we want you to have the best price and the best quality kitchen worktop.  And when your new kitchen has been fitted, we want to help make sure you get the most out of the new worktops.  So, to help, we have some tips for how to keep your granite kitchen worktops sparkling for longer.


Now granite is an igneous rock that is made from silicate minerals.  Because of its composition of interlocking grains, grainite and both incredibly hard and almost completely non porous.

This non porous/hard structure makes granite a popular choice for kitchen worktops.  It is super strong, durable and has a beautiful natural look.

It requires very little in actual maintenance and can easily withstand the heat of hot cooking pots.  And because it is a non porous material, it is also incredibly hygienic.  Again, making it a great choice for kitchen worktops.


This all may sound too good to be true but remember – there are always two sides to the coin.  Granite can crack if a heavy object falls from a high enough height.  Impact cracks are a vulnerability of granite.  The lighter shades of granite can also show up stains more readily than darker colours which some people may not like.

Certain acidic foods and sauces like wine, vinegar, coffee and fruit juices can stain granite.


So how do you go about cleaning granite worktops to keep them sparkling?

A neutral pH balanced cleaner is the best for granite worktops.  Any natural cleaners that are high in acid concentration should be avoided.  Any cleaning agents  that use harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach can dull the finish of granite so they should be avoided.

An easy tip to help your kitchens look sparkling – wipe up any liquids and spills as soon as you can with a soft sponge.


So avoid acidic cleaning agents and clean up after yourself.  Sounds simple.  What else?  Well for daily cleaning, we would recommend a cleaner that has been formulated specifically for stone counters like granite.  

There are many to choose from.  We advise that you spend a few minutes in the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket to check the labels of a few and decide from there which will be best going forwards.


A few minutes spent reading the label can keep your granite kitchen worktops gleaming and sparkling for years to come.

When wooden kitchen worktops can go beyond the kitchen

It seems so obvious when you think about it but across all the rooms of your home, wood is a constant feature. Whether it is for bedroom wardrobes, living room side tables or bathroom dressing tables.

At Discount Worktop Store, we are quite proud of the quality wooden worktops that we can offer our customers. Not just because they are such low prices, but because of the actual quality of the wood. It is so good that we have actually had existing customers of DWS come back to us after ordering a kitchen to order more wood for other projects they are having done across the home.

So, at DWS, whilst we like to offer our customers the very best in quality in kitchen worktops, we also like the idea that we can help you make your home something special. So this week, our latest article is all about using wooden kitchen worktops outside of the kitchen.


The Home Office

If you are wanting to make your home office somewhere with a little bit more presence, then a thick wooden desk can be a great way of making a statement. At DWS, we can supply wooden worktops to the size you need and then all you need to do is fit some stylish legs and hey presto a fairly substantial looking home office desk. You can of course go one step further with the idea and have a whole conference room table but for a lot of you, the home office table may do just fine.


Home Dinner Table


Whether the table is in the kitchen room itself or a separate dinning room, a solid oak dining table can be quite a stunning piece of furniture. If it is in the same room as the rest of the kitchen then it is a great way of matching the same wood style with the wood you may be using in the kitchen worktops themselves.


Home Furnishing


Shelves, cabinets, tv stands…the list goes on. If you are looking for quality oak wood for your home furniture project then DWS may just be able to help with that one.

Safety tips for a safe family kitchen

When it comes to updating your kitchen; you will be wanting a nice warm, clean and SAFE kitchen environment that yourself and your family can use throughout the year.

From preparing the food with plenty of work space to dining with the family and any extra friends that might join you. The layout of your kitchen is incredibly important considering how often it is used daily.

Now you may be wondering – what is a kitchen worktop company who sell exclusively online with some of the best deals on quality kitchen worktops doing giving advise on top tips for making a kitchen safe for the family? Well the truth is – we love kitchens – not just worktops. And we recognise that a new kitchen is a big investment for any house, so we want you to get the most out of it as possible. And that is why we go beyond giving advise on just kitchen worktops; we love to talk about everything from advise on colour choices, styles, flooring, cabinets and of course to child safety. So here are some top tips on what to do in your kitchen to make it safer for your loved ones.

1 – Wipe Clean Walls.

Now we are not suggesting that your walls be lined in some form of super slippery wipe down material like you would find in a kids softplay. What we mean is tiles, splash back features and even an oil based paint specially tailored for kitchens. Whether you are making Spaghetti bolongas or blending a smoothy, all it takes is a little splatter from a tough stain to ruin a pristine piece of wallpaper or paint (that is not oil based).

2 – A durable work surface.

A family kitchen is a hard working kitchen. There are more mouths to feed and more meals to prepare. And with all of this comes mess. So having a hard wearing work surface that can easily be wiped down regularly is not just important from a visual point of view but it is important for general hygiene in the kitchen area.

3 – Wipe Down Furniture.

Modern flats and even some houses are now featuring combination kitchen/living room/lounge options so that you can sit and relax while the soup heats up. So if you happen to have a sofa in your kitchen/lounge area, we would suggest it is made from an easy to wipe down material like leather. Because all it takes is one cup of spilt milk on a fabric sofa to cause some serious issues (and smells).

4 – Space for the kids.

By this we mean a space for them to lay out their toys that WON’T be in the path of you carrying hot pasta water. While we absolutely love Kitchen Islands, kids also love them as part of an obstacle course. And kids should never be running around next to a hot stove. So always bare that in mind.

5 – Child Locks.

You might be surprised that it took us this long to get to child locks but there you go. Kids like bright colourful things and bleach bottles, washing up bottles and even glass jars of curry sauce can prove to be a tempting new play toy for kids. If you have children young enough then we strongly suggest you invest in some child locks. Or if this is simply not an option then at least keep all the dangerous cleaning chemicals high up and out of reach.

6 – Soft Close Cupboard and Drawers.

They are a cool feature and they definitely reduce the amount of banging noise emitting from a kitchen but most importantly for this list – they can help to prevent tender fingers from being caught. And that is all we feel we needs to say about soft closing drawers.

7 – A Drop Down TV.

Tv’s can be an unsightly issue that puts people off having them in the kitchen and we are not promoting TV as a good parenting tool but let’s face facts – having a TV in the kitchen can keep kids sitting still and that means when you are needing to keep an eye on them but have to cook tea at the same time, they are not becoming a bull int he china shop.

8 – Induction Hobs.

Gas Hobs are great but if you are safety conscious then induction hobs are the way forward. Not only is there no longer the worry that you left the stove on but the hobs are also cold to touch (they use a magnetic friction in the bowl to create the heat) so there is little chance of your loved one burning themselves.

We hope this has helped you as you plan out your dream kitchen.

Kitchen trends that don’t go away

It can be a daunting experience having to decide on the design of your new kitchen. There are so many kitchen worktop materials and colours to choose from, cabinet door designs, door handles, floors, backsplash panels….the list goes on.

Now we may just be a kitchen worktop / countertop supplier dealing exclusively online with some of the biggest discounts on kitchen worktops around. But that doesn’t mean that we don;t want to help you get the dream itchen that you always wanted. So we always try to help with useful advice not just about worktops but also about general kitchen trends, designs, colours, lighting and so on.

This week, we wanted to talk about some of the top trending design styles that WON’T go out of fashion.

Why you might ask? Well because if you think back to kitchens from the 70’s. Browns and beige designs which at the time looked bang up to date – now – they are a bit of an eye sore to most.

So starting with number 1 – Neutral Paint Colours.

This isn’t the 70’s so browns and beiges are not the colour of choice and it is not the 90’s with techno coloured this that and the other thing. But through the decades, neutral colours have always shone through. Lighter neutral colours are great at making spaces seem lighter and warmer and if you are struggling for space in your kitchen, can even make it seem bigger.

Number 2

So if you are looking for a ‘Farm Style’ Kitchen then there are two things to consider. One is wooden worktops. The second is Shaker style cabinets. Shaker cabinets have been used in kitchens for over 100 years which in itself is proof that this style does not go out. Whilst they may be popular with farm style kitchen designs, they go great with a lot of different kitchen options.

Number 3 – Drawer Organisers.

Okay so this may not be a design option, more an organisation option BUT they are incredibly handy and will help to declutter the kitchen and make it more organised. And that in itself is a design plus.

Number 4 – Retro this and retro that.

So this is a bold choice and some may think we are crazy but retro appliances (ie a Smeg fridge) look great and can really set off a kitchen. Little retro knick knacks can add charm to a kitchen and can’t really go out of style because of their emotional ties to our culture.

Number 5 – Nature is your friend.

Marble is of course a natural stone and has been around for a very very long time. So has wood and so has granite. Granite kitchen worktops look absolutely amazing and because they are a natural material, will never go out of style. If you crave that modern look then go for it but remember, that modern look is modern today – not tomorrow.

Number 6 – Butcher Block Countertops.

Another classic style that has been around long enough to prove to us all that it is in fact timeless. If you want that farmhouse kitchen then this is a must for you.

Number 7 – Art Nouveau Metro tiles.

You will have seen them in so many kitchen brochures. Beautiful white tiles that have their origin in the Art Nouveau movement from the early 20th Century. They are a beautiful and practical addition to any kitchen and are a timeless piece.

Number 8 – Rustic Features.

So if you are going for that rustic look in your kitchen then the little things like a brass lamp, Le Creuset pots and occasionally wooden trinkets dotted around the kitchen can not only add a great visual design element to the room but they are also timeless. Rustic farmhouse kitchen designs take their inspiration not just from one of two style but many kitchen styles spanning over many different decades. They have all merged together into one category which you can work to your advantage as you seek to get the dream kitchen you have always wanted.

How to add some colour to your kitchen

Whether your kitchen currently suffers from poor natural lighting or it simply looks a bit dark and gloomy, adding some colour to your kitchen can be a simple option with big results.


Now you may be thinkging ‘hang on a minute, you sell kitchen worktops, why are you giving advise on kitchen interior design?’

The simple answer is that we want to help.  Just because we offer some of the best deals and lowest prices on kitchen worktops not just on the internet but over the high street stores as well doesn’t mean that we just stop at kitchen worktops.  If you are looking for kitchen worktops it is because you are planning on getting a new kitchen and we want you to get the best kitchen you can.  So we have put together articles like this one that hopefully help you in your decision making, not just for kitchen worktops but also for the rest of your new dream kitchen (and if we can save you some money here and there – all the better).


So, adding colour in the kitchen.  It may sound simple and in actual fact it is.  But doing it tastefully is the challenge.


1 – Add some brighter painted walls.

A painted wall is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add colour to your kitchen.  It doesn’t have to be all of the walls – it can even just be little spashes of colour on surfaces like the side of a kitchen island, a backsplash etc.  If you paint your kitchen island, aqua/tropical colours can work really well.


2 – Add a colourful rug.

While some shy away from fabrics on the floor of a kitchen ie. carpet.  A rug can be a great option that adds colour and is easy enough to clean.  It can even sit outside of the ususal heavy traffic areas. Just make sure that you have under rug grippers so that you won’t go slipping and sliding while carrying a pot of hot water.


3 – Change your plates and bowls for more dramatic and colourful options and show them off.

If you have shelves in your kitchen, store your plates and bowls there and use bright coloured options.  You can create an amazing rainbow of colour in a very minamilist and stylish way.


4 – Painted Furniture

So if you have a side table or a kitchen dresser, can you add some splashes of colour to them?  There are loads of video tutorials on how to create a great rustic look to painted furniture. Or you can hire a professional painter.


5 – Colourful Light Fixtures.


If you have a pendant light, maybe you can change the light shade to something a bit more dramatic and colourful.  It will set the rest of the kitchen off perfectly.


6 – A colourful apron

If you hang your apron up in full view then why would you have a boring dark apron.  Liven it up with something a bit more colourful.


You see, there are so many easy ways to add a splash of colour to your kitchen to really jazz it up.  We hope this helps.